Pruning fruit trees, how it is done.

"Look, Mom, what I have found", apps my elder daughter. On my cell phone there is a child's drawing of at least 20 years ago. It is me on that drawing, pruning the apple trees. How sweet!

The drawing shows the situation of my garden some 20 years ago. Not that much has changed in the years gone by. The black fence, although replaced, is still there. I also still use the lopper to prune the fruit trees. And even the blackbird is still in the tree every day. However, the red overalls had to go as they were completely worn!

It seems like this drawing is a starting signal to prune the trees again. So I take my tools out of the barn. It is just the right time to prune the fruit trees. Difficult? Don’t be intimidated by a fruit tree. After all, every year you get a new chance to repair your mistakes.

Pruning fruit trees, how to go about it?

Prune all dead wood.
Cut away branches that cross each other.
Prune branches that grow down.
Next, prune the branches that grow straight up.
The middle of the apple tree must be empty. Prune any thick branches that grow in the middle of the tree.

And furthermore:
Branches that are at a 45-degree angle must be kept for new growth. (Provided it is well placed)

Is it not boring me doing these gardening jobs each year again and again? I don’t think so.
And apparently you are not bored either to read about it every year!

Enjoy your week.

The trees, the fence, the gardener (me) and the blackbird.

The apple trees and the fence. The blackbird just flew away......

There is an awful lot of pruning to do.

Crossing branches

I always use a lopper to prune my apple trees.

Apple blossom, oh we have to wait a little ....... enjoy it.


  1. I love the old drawing and the continuity of life. Looking forward to apple blossom time to see this year's photos.

  2. Lovely to have found this photo, and thank you for the tutorial.
    Thanks as well for sharing at

  3. Pruning trees doesn't sound boring at all but seems a thing you need to have experience with. I love the drawing and the blackbird too! We'll get there soon enough although the Brit bloggers keep talking about daffodils popping up in their gardens.

  4. Dear Hetty,
    seems like a lot of work is waiting for you. I really like the last photo. The apple blooms look so lovely in combination with the pink and purple tulips! Here in Vienna it has been snowing all night long and is still snowing. So no garden work for me today.
    Best wishes,

  5. I never knew how to prune fruit trees and my trees showed it. Looks like a lot of work but if you can reach it without a ladder, that's a good thing and next summer the fruit will be well worth it.

  6. Sweet drawing! I always thought you had to be careful not to prune too much though. Isn't it a certain percentage. I don't know anymore as we have a service who comes and does our garden. I just don't have time any more. Have a lovely week!

    1. That is true, if you prune too much the tree will react with many thin branches. It is best to see what works for your tree or ask a service like you do!


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