Gnoom Joop shares a secret.

Hello, here I am again. Most of you readers already know me, but for the new followers I will introduce myself: I am Gnoom Joop and I have been living in this garden for years now. You can find me under the hazelnut. Normally I interfere as little as possible with the garden activities. Occasionally I have to share some gossip with you.

It is about all those experiments of gardener Hetty. Enthusiastically she writes about those experiments, but you never hear of these experiments again.

For instance, in September she did an experiment with rose cuttings. She put some of the cuttings in potatoes and planted these together in the ground. Another part of the cuttings she planted straight away down in the ground.
Have you ever heard anything of this experiment again? Of course you did not. She keeps it a secret. Furthermore she cannot remember which rose cuttings she put in the potatoes and which are simply planted in the ground. To make things worse, she forgot to label the cuttings. So she just has to wait until the roses bloom to find the names. To me this is very unprofessional! The rose cuttings look the part though. 

Rose cuttings. 

I have to admit, the rose cuttings are doing fine. With or without potatoes.

Another example. In November she planted Belgium endives roots in a pot. She placed the pot in the barn. Since then, no one has heard from the Belgium endives again. I will take a quick look to see how they are doing .......
In the past two and a half months the Belgium endives have grown only 10 cm!! Ten cm. in two and a half months! It is a nice story on her blog, but in reality her Belgium endives are growing hopelessly bad.

The Belgian endives in the barn

After two an half moths time, they have grown 10 cm!

Finally, I have to reveal a secret experiment of Hetty. She did not write about this. After all, it is a secret! Listen. She has cut two 1-meter high box spheres completely back to the ground. It is a job advised to do in spring, but she did it in autumn. In autumn! That is the wrong season!!! In case the box does not survive recover, she will probably - secretly - replant new box. And she will never tell you it. So now you know.

Secret experiment. Box sphere before.....

... and after pruning.

They look bad.

My criticism is; everything on this blog is presented too “rosy”. Furthermore, I have been wondering why do you all read a garden blog with so much confusing information. I myself would immediately stop doing so. Well, that is enough gossip about this gardener Hetty for now. I will go back to my spot under the hazelnut tree.

See you,


  1. Dear Hetty,
    your post made me laugh! Joop is quite critical with you, isn´t he? I am happy to see that your rose cuttings are doing fine. As Joop pointed out, some readers were indeed looking forward to know how your rose cutting experiment is doing. I too had boxes in my garden, but they all died. Are you really going to plant a new box in your garden in case your old one dies? I was told from garden experts that it does´t make sense to plant box any more as they have been suffering from diseases lately and some of the diseases are incurable. I think it´s quite sad, because box is such a lovely plant.
    Best wishes,

  2. Joop thinks so, but I know better! Box is a lovely plant, but too much trouble at the moment.

  3. What a cute gnome! Good luck with your cuttings - I know your garden will be beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. Joop, you naughty little gnome! But, no worries... my garden is far more confusing!


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