Planting Paperwhites, just like my mother did.

My parent’s house had a large cellar. Here - in between the pans, soft drinks and other supplies - during the winter months my mother used to grow Narcissus Paperwhite. As you know Paperwhite is a tender daffodil and therefore ideal for indoor forcing.

I myself don’t have a cellar and I have never planted Paperwhites. N. Paperwhite can scent so heavily that you would prefer to place them outside. But nothing is as changeful as a (garden) woman. When I see these daffodil bulbs for sale on the market, in a fit of nostalgia I get an irresistible need to buy them. The bulbs are already prepared and therefore they can be planted and placed in the windowsill immediately. These don’t need a cellar at all!

I have a few jars and some black gravel in the barn. I put the gravel in the jars and place the bulb on top of it. Add a little bit of water ..... ready!

My husband is not very amused seeing the jars in the windowsill. He too remembers that strong daffodil scent from the past. I reassure him. As soon as the daffodils bloom, I will place them outside.

The daffodils grow prosperously. After a week some roots have appeared already and much to my surprise after two and a half weeks I see the first flower. A month later the daffodils are in full flower. Wow! The flowers are smaller than I remember; but maybe it is just me that grew taller over the years. One stem after another appear with beautiful snow-white flowers.

You might wonder if I have fainted from the daffodil scent? Not at all!! The breeders probably have outcrossed the scent. Generally I am not a fan of that matter, but in this case I am.

Planting Paper white just like my mother did. As I look at the sky-high stems in my windowsill I realise, the older you get, the more you are going to look like your mother!

Enjoy your week.

After two and a half weeks I see the first flower.

Really pretty...........

....... snow-white flowers

The stems are sky-high

The jars with black gravel and some artificial snow.

From outside

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  1. Dear Hetty,
    your daffodils look lovely! I love the white varieties most as bright yellow isn´t so much my colour. At the moment I also have some daffodils inside my home. They habe double white blooms and although strong, I like their fragrance. Reminds me of spring. I didn´t see your variety at the flower shops or garden centres. Here in Vienna they mostly offer double varieties or varieties with very big blooms-everything a bit over the top. I like yours more as the flowers are rather simple and that makes them look very delicate.
    Best wishes,

  2. They are beautiful and a reminder that spring is coming! Thank you for sharing. Found you via Imaging. Teresa from

  3. They're lovely - I should do this as well, as paperwhites make me think of springtime!
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. Lovely images of paperwhites, they are like a sign of hope as I wait for spring

  5. These daffodils are so beautiful, but I have decline to buy them because of the scent - but I will try this year! So far I have not seen them in the shops, they are probably much later here.
    LOVE - Susie

  6. Hello, Hetty! A Happy New Year to you and your family with health, happiness and prosperity. I am less busy now so I am finally able to visit each and every participant in FFF. Thank you for your steadfastness and your lovely comments at my site.
    These paperwhites are absolutely stunning. A wonderful cheery sight in the depths of your Winter.
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


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