A hyacinth does its duty.

We hyacinths do what we are supposed to do. We grow roots and start to bloom. A hyacinth does its duty.

We hyacinths wait patiently in a fuse cupboard next to the front door. In darkness and cold. We grow roots, grow leaves and flower buds. We do what we are supposed to do. We also know when we are ready to perform. We are looking forward to that.

All of a sudden we hear a roller case passing the fuse cupboard ...... .. and yet another one! Is she ...... just at our finest moment!! The door closes and an almost infinite silence follows.

We hyacinths are left stunned in the dark of the fuse cupboard. We are waiting, but we cannot stop growing; we cannot stop to flourish! So we bloom in the dark of the fuse cupboard!

After a long time the door opens and we hear the roller cases again. She is back!

The next day we are placed in the windowsill. We look crazy; yellow! But we hyacinths still do what we are supposed to do. Without any grumble. We colour back from yellow to green in one day and we even can recolour the flowers in sky blue.

Whatever happens. A hyacinth does its duty. A hyacinth does what it is supposed to do!

romantic rose garden

We look crazy.


The next day we are green and the flowers blue.

We make roots....

.......and flowers.

We are hyacinths. We do our duty.

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  1. Dear Hetty,
    wow, isn´t that interesting! Wouldn´t have imagined that the poor yellow hyacinths can transform that way. I also have hyacinths in my home. I buy the forced ones in garden centres or supermarkets. Mine are white flowering.
    Enjoy your beautiful hyacinths!
    Best wishes,

    PS: I have your blog on my blog list and usually the list updates whenever someone has posted a new entry. However, when you post a new entry, it does´t get updated at the moment. My list still shows me your entry on paper whites, although you wrote two new posts till then. I thought my list might not be working, but with all the other blogs on my list it works. Looked at Christina´s blog and on her list I also only found your post on paper whites. Just wanted you to know.

  2. It is working again! I have your hyacinth post on my blog list. And Hetty, the next time you visit Austria it would be lovely if you were to stop by in Vienna.
    Best wishes,

  3. They're gorgeous! What a beautiful window display.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2018/01/homemade-bagels.html

  4. They are lovely flowers, Hetty, and certainly they brighten up Winter days. Interesting to see them go from yellow to green and blue so quickly! Reminds me of yellow asparagus spears ;-)
    Thanks for taking part in the FloralFriday Fotos meme.

  5. I had some purple ones last week and my house smelled amazing! Have a lovely week! It can't be too bad with all these blooms.


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