‘Sowing' mistletoe. Successful experiment.

THERE IS MISTLETOE GROWING ON MY APPLE TREE! I am ecstatic and have to share this with you all. But first let me explain what happened previously. It started back in December 2014 (!!)

At a Christmas market I bought a large bunch of mistletoe. Mistletoe ....... I dreamed ...... .. mistletoe, if only I could grow that on my apple tree.... So I looked on the Internet how to 'sow' mistletoe on an apple tree. read here

The 'sowing' or should I say the 'planting' of mistletoe goes like this:
Find a sturdy branch in your apple tree, preferably one that gets a lot of sun.
Press the seed (mind you, the seeds are poisonous!) from the berry and spread the sticky seedling against the bark of the apple tree.
The best time for this is February but I did it in December.
Then wait for a long,….. long time ....

The next year in April, I saw some small green things growing from the seeds into the tree. It reminded me of a science fiction movie with creepy creatures and their winding tentacles. All these scary things in my garden. Brr!

The following year I looked several times, but never saw something particular. I was convinced the experiment had failed, until today. As the sun suddenly shines on that particular branch, I think Huh???
Six mistletoe plants are growing from the branch! The plants are small and berries have not appeared yet, but that is just a matter of time. In a few years time I can harvest my own mistletoe.

My conclusion after these three years: it has been a successful experiment! But ‘sowing’ Mistletoe ......  is a true lesson in patience! 

Mistletoe the perfect Christmas feel.

This is the mistletoe I bought years ago.

Seeding Mistletoe. Squeeze out the berry.

Smear it at the branch and wait patiently for a year to see it grow!

Next spring, some tiny 'roots' grow into the apple tree.

Three years later..... mistletoe!

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  1. Three years is indeed an exercise in patience! Congratulations on your successful experiment.
    Thanks for joining us at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-word-ful-wordless-wednesday-on.html

  2. Dear Hetty,
    this is a great post! Just recently I talked about mistletoes with my mum. She said that she would like them to grow in her garden. I vaguely remembered watching a tutorial about how to sow them at gardener´s world. I told my mum about it, though I wasn´t sure if I remembered correctly how they did it. Thus, your tutorial comes in very handy. I was a bit in doubt that this would work when I saw it at gardener´s world, but seeing how well it worked for you, I really think it could work for me too. I will try it on my apricot tree and I am sure my mum will try it too on her trees when I tell her how well it worked for you. In case it should´t work, that´s fine too. As you say, it´s an experiment.
    Lovely that it worked out so great for you!
    I will try it this week and will keep you updated. Who knows, maybe in some years I will have a mistletoe on my tree too....dreaming
    Best wishes,

    1. Spread the news Lisa, fingers crossed! Groetjes Hetty

  3. I didn't know mistletoe could be propagated like that. Doesn't it kill the trees there? It is pretty in winter and I love that first picture.

  4. As the mistletoe grow larger it could harm the tree. I think I cut the mistletoe back by that time. Groetjes Hetty

  5. That is incredible! Happy New YEars!


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