It is Saturday, early in the morning as I drive through the country roads of Walcheren. The roads are slippery, because the land just has been ploughed. In no-time my white car is covered with mud. It looks like I have driven the Dakar rally. I like it. Cool!

I am on the road this early because I have an appointment with a local farmer to get some manure. At nine o'clock sharp I drive into the farmyard. Is someone awake already I wonder? But there is already lots of activity. I address the farmer’s wife who is busy with the milk. Oh, you must be Hetty? Immediately she calls her son.

A garden friend of mine recommended this farm for its manure. The manure has had a special treatment. A machine compresses the liquid manure into a dry granular structure. On this manure everything grows like mad, is what the farmer’s wife tells me. That will be ideal for my roses!

The son scoops up the manure with a shovel. He seems surprised about the size of my box trailer. I can imagine why. Between those big agricultural machines my small box trailer of 1m x 2m seems the size of a pram! Because of its small size, some of the manure falls aside, but without complaining with a spade he scoops it back on my trailer again. What a service!

After that I carefully put the tarpaulin on the box trailer. I cannot prevent having manure on my hands. Oops. You should know, I do not only have a white car but it also has a white steering wheel! I wipe of my hands on the wet grass (I try not to think about it too much) and carefully drive back home again.

The manure appears to be surprisingly light to work with. Because of the granular structure it can simply be scattered into the border. Of course all my roses get some extra manure. The box trailer is empty at eleven o'clock. The borders look perfect and in the garden it smells .....

Well it smells so nice and rural!

The fields are ploughed.

My car!  It looks like I have driven the Dakar rally.

The manure on my box trailer.

My roses love it!

The borders covered with manure.

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  1. You are a true gardener and so lucky to have access to that manure. I can't wait to see your flowers in the spring.

  2. Nice images! I can almost smell the manure. My grandmother used to call it "country smell".
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. Dear Hetty,
    I have heard good things about using manure for the garden. I am thinking about trying it myself. Please keep us updated how your roses and other plants will respond.
    Best wishes,


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