How gardening can make you happy step 11. The final things.

I write this post to make young women enthusiastic about gardening. However, I have been told that men feel a little bit closed out. Of course that is not my intention! Therefore the following post for all:

Dear garden girls AND BOYS,

November. The garden season is almost over. With the emphasis on ALMOST. There is no reason to snooze on the couch with your love under a blanket just because the leaves are falling of the trees. GARDEN GLOVES ON! There is still plenty of work to do in the garden.

LEAVES are a point of attention this month. The leaves in the border can remain, but the ones on the lawn have to be removed. The easiest way is to mow the lawn and afterwards rake everything away with the lawn rake. By doing so you kill two birds with one stone!

Do you have a walnut tree? These leaves must be raked out of the border. That is because these leaves contain tannic acid and plants do not like that. At least, that is what I have been told by my father. I put these leaves in the bin every year.

Another thing I learned from my father about leaves: Cut back all the LEAVES OF PEONIES in November. These leaves can cause botrytis (a annoying fungal disease). That's why I cut them down to the ground. After all, flowers of the peonies make me very happy!!! I give them my best care.

And as you have that pruning shears in your hand, you might as well cut the long rose branches in half. This prevents the sweeping branches from damaging the bush during a autumn storm. So you make your rose VERY HAPPY TOO.

CUT BACK the peonia leaves to the ground.

The flowers of the peonies make me very HAPPY.

Finally the question of conscience:

Have you planted all the bulbs? Or are they still in the bag waiting for you?
Is there something interesting on the table in front of the window? Remember the winter is LONG and boring.
Are the terracotta pots already indoors? Don’t let the first frost SURPRISE you.

Everything CHECKED?

Pull out your garden gloves, lit the candles and SNOOZE!
And garden boys, do you feel the happiness too??

Have you planted all the flower bulbs?

Is there something interesting on your garden table?

Are the terracotta pots indoors?




  1. Dear Hetty,
    I always love reading your posts on how gardening makes you happy. Not only is there so much to learn from your posts, but your creative and fun way of writing always make me laugh. As you say, the gardening season is soon over, but planting over a hundred of tulip bulbs, and removing thousands of leaves (there is a huge walnut tree in my neighbor´s garden), for me there seems to be more to do this month than in any other month this year. It takes up a lot of my time and mostly I would prefer to stay inside where it is warm and cozy, but dreaming of beautiful spring flower displays in my garden next spring keeps me gardening. Regarding the peony leaves, this is interesting news for me. So far I have always cut them back in spring as I haven´t heard that leaving them during winter could cause fungal disease.
    Best wishes,


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