Rebellious orange.

This week I would like to tell you about an inspiring meeting during the open garden days. A meeting with far-reaching consequences ...... ..

This particular visitor seats himself, after his tour around the garden, at the wooden table in the barn. I serve him a coffee. Quickly we are talking about flower bulbs. As it turns out he is a big tulip admirer. We are not only talking about tulip varieties but also about tulip colours. About this latter, he says: "Orange is generally not considered to be a tasteful colour in the garden." “And what about yellow?" I add to the conservation, "That's also a ‘wrong’ colour."

An animated conversation follows. We totally agree with one another. Why not use orange in the garden! We agree we will both order orange tulips this autumn. "Orange; very rebellious ," he says as he says goodbye.

I stick to the agreement and order 100 orange tulips at my bulb supplier. And because I am in a rebellious mood, I order yellow, pink and white too. The tulips I choose are all lily-shaped.

The combination does not come totally out of the blue. See the picture above of Icelandic poppies. (Papaver nudicaule) I think that is a mouth-watering combination.

Orange, yellow, pink and white tulips; together in one border. What an outrageous combination. What do you think?

It will certainly be a colourful spring. I wonder whether my visitor will return to take a look!

romantic rose garden

Tulipa 'Ballerina' I ordered 100 of them.

'Ballerina'. Lillie shaped tulip.

 I have grown orange tulips in previous years.....T. 'Suncatcher'

....together with narcissus'Geranium'.

I like this smal orange/yellow one T. 'Bright Gem'

Last spring; the bright colours of the Murillo mix.

They were so colourful.

A picture of Keukenhof. I was already in the mood for orange!

Again Keukenhof. They often plant bright colors together.

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  1. Breathtaking!!! So lovely. I have no luck with tulips for some reason but always admire photos of fields of them in bloom.
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. I can't grow tulips here in Florida US, much too hot, but I adore them. Flowers in all colors are "acceptable" - be a rebel. Your combinations are fantastic!

  3. absolutely lovely - so colorful and uplifting.. all of our tulips are red or yellow


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