How gardening can make you happy step 10. Busy, very busy

I am writing a series 'How gardening makes you happy', to make young women enthusiastic for gardening.

Dear garden girls,

This month I have not received one single picture from you. What is wrong with you all? Are you already in hibernation? Wake up! What do I hear? Are you completely satisfied with your garden? (I wonder if this ever is possible). If so, sleep well. If not, read further.

Autumn is the busiest time in the garden. There is so much to do:

In case you have A TATTY LAWN now is the time to scarify it. Hire an electrical machine at the hardware store. So the job is done quickly, after all there are more things to do.

Cut THE HEDGE tight so you can enjoy your work all winter long.

Divide your plants. At the very moment it is ideal. Do you think it is a sad thing for a plant? IT IS NOT. Take the plant out of the soil and divide it with a spade or a knife into two or three or four or FIVE! Replant the best parts again, do not forget to give water and next spring.... You’ll be surprised!

A tip, I received from a young garden girl: At this time of the year many plants are half priced at the garden centre. The plants sometimes look a little sad, but they are not dead, just at rest. In case the nametag is gone and you do not know what the plant is called, who cares! GO FOR IT! Try something adventurist!

And now you are in the garden centre already, buy flower bulbs. Bulbs always perform, if you put them in the ground of course. (I sometimes hear stories about flower bulbs that remain on the cupboard until spring!) Do not just look at the beautiful picture at the front. Because dear garden girls, it is just like choosing a man, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CONTENT. What do the bulbs look like? Are they mouldy or damaged? Don’t buy them. I plant the bulbs at the end of October. Write it in your agenda, so you will not forget!

Plant something COLOURFUL in the containers on the balcony. There is plenty of choice, for example, pansies.

I am sure, after a day of hard work, sitting tired on the garden bench with a mug of tea, you will feel it again. How good it is to be out in the garden.

It may sound crazy, but somehow even the soil under your nails makes you feel HAPPY!

I have been harvesting apples, grapes and sweet corn.

Divide plants........

......I have made 12 out of this plant!

Buy bulbs.......

Do not just look at the picture in front.........

.........check the bulbs!

Buy something colourful for your container.

It is so much nicer to look at. 

Last year I have bought this half price Clematis. Look at it now!



  1. Your garden images are marvelous, always. I'm so glad you join us at

  2. Dear Hetty,
    really liked your post! I have been buying many bulbs recently. I already planted some snowdrops and crocuses, the tulips I haven´t planted yet, but will plant soon. I also planted some lily speciosum rubrum bulbs about 6 weeks ago and I think that this might have been too early, because the lilies produced shoots already. Shouldn´t they produce shoots in spring instead of now?
    Best wishes,


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