Conversation between a ranunculus and a tulip.

Conversation between a ranunculus and a tulip:

T. Hey where do you come from?
R. I am from a market stall. It was great fun. Every day we drove with Aad’s truck to another city. I have already seen a lot of the world. And you?
T. I have not seen much. At first I was in a barn with a lot of other flower bulbs. There was a big man. Roel is his name. He did not say much, counted flower bulbs only. At 150 he put us all together in a net. Next day I have been delivered here. And now I have been staring at the ceiling for 14 days. Waiting for her to plant me. I'm so bored.
R. Sorry to hear that. At Aad, life is never boring. He is always very worried about us. To each customer he says: “ leave the bag open, otherwise the bulbs will get stuffed. Yes, I had great confidence in Aad. Until….
T. Until what??
R. It's too hard to talk about.
T. Well you make me very curious!
R. Aad said, before planting I have to be soaked in water for 24 hours; 24 hours!! He has written it on the bag too. In red!!!
T. Nooo! Horrible!
R. That's not all yet. After the lady gardener bought us, she put us in her handbag. It was very crowded in there. I have been squeezed between her umbrella and her wallet. And there was a phone with all that noise. Furthermore she went shopping all day long! ...And the handbag went up and down and up again. Oh I became sick!
T. At least you have experienced something. I'm just stresses out because she does not plant me. There is so much work to be done. Making roots and making that special lilac colour ....
R. I hope she will plant me without soaking. It makes me look so swollen. 
T. She probably will forget it.
R. Oh no, there she is! HELP!!!!


"She squeezed us in her handbag!" 

BLUB...BLUB. "Hang on ranunculus....

Ranunculus, we are almost the same size.

Finally we go into the soil.

Bye, bye, see you.....

next year.....

... you will be beautiful"

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  1. What a sense of humor you have - this is such creative fun!
    Thanks for linking up at

  2. Hi Hetty,

    Sweet post and love your creativity.
    Love both ranunculus and tulips - I planted some ranunculus bulbs and am waiting for the flowers to appear.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  3. Ha-ha! Just loves this one :D

  4. This is a fun story, dear Hetty!


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