Rose scent.

This week the newspaper announced heavy winds. Storm! What a pity for my roses. At this very moment they are flowering exuberantly.

So, I go into the garden and cut all the nice looking roses. It feels a little decadent to cut so many roses, but if I do not, they will be gone by tomorrow. From the barn I take an old basket to put all the roses in. Perfect. The last rays of sunshine make for some nice pictures for this blog.

After that the basket moves to the kitchen windowsill. The heat inside makes the roses start to scent instantly. Rose scent....

A little melancholy I think about the past months. If only I could hold the summer. The hot dry weather in June. Having lunch and dinner outside every day, sometimes we even had breakfast outside! Summer passed so quickly.

But now autumn has arrived. I have to face that. I don't like the feeling. But my bulbs supplier does! This week I received an enthusiastic mail from him. "I love that storm," he wrote, "All of a sudden everybody is thinking about autumn and about flower bulbs".

He is so right, now it is the time to order flower bulbs. Have you ordered already? I did.

Bulbs; before you know it, they will be delivered on your doorstep. And that's a nice thing to look forward to.

It seems decadent..........

..... to pick so many roses.

They look beautiful............

......... in this old basket.

Can you smell......

........the scent ......

......of summer roses? 

I also pick the dahlias and bring them inside.


  1. Your garden must be fabulous - your roses are gorgeous!

  2. How lovely - these are gorgeous arrangements and each individual flower is a thing of beauty!
    Thank you for sharing at

  3. Hi Hetty, beautiful photos of your roses! I love how you have arranged them in the old basket.
    I was on a short trip and thought about ordering bulbs. I would love to plant some Thalia Daffodils this autumn. I better get on with it since time is moving fast... I am actually relieved that summer is over, because it was sooo... hot here. Autumn certainly has nice things to look forward to...
    Warm regards,

  4. Dear Hetty,
    lovely photos! What a pity that you had to cut all the rose flowers because of the storm, but at least you now have beautiful roses inside. The smell must be wonderful! I am also a bit sad about autumn and winter coming. However, not as sad as in other years. This garden year was quite a challenge for me. As you know, I have been gardening in my new garden, my parent´s former garden, this year and it is different to gardening in my old garden. My old garden was half shade, half sun and the new garden is almost full sun. At first I thought that would be a blessing, but having had an extremely hot and dry summer this year, I also realised that a sunny garden means watering a lot, something I am not so used to as in my old garden I only watered the plants that were in containers, but not the flowerbeds. This is why I am not only sad about winter coming. I think I will use the time during winter to figure out the challenges of the new garden. I will think about replanting plants that have not done so well this summer and also need to figure out how to improve the soil in some areas of the garden. So I will do a lot of planning during winter, which is also nice. I will also look through the pictures I took during my garden vacation in England to get some inspiration for the next garden season. Of course, I am also looking forward to planting many bulbs. I have already bought some!
    I hope the storm won´t be too bad! Enjoy your rose flowers inside!
    Best wishes,


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