Dear mr Hozelock.

Dear Mr. Hozelock.

Recently I bought your new garden hose. It's very dry in the garden these days and I was missing some additional hoses. That’s why.

I understand your new garden hose, is lightweighted, expands up to 3x in length and never kinks, that’s what triggered me. The hose is for sale in my garden centre and I surprised how light weighted it is indeed. So I bought it.

As I unpack the box back home, I am surprised to see there is not only a hose nozzle but also a water tap fitting included. This tap fitting fits exactly on my outer water tap. Mr Hozelock, I kiss you for that! You can’t imagine how long I have been searching for one that fits!

So the hose is quickly connected to the water tap and turns out to be an instant success. The hydropower extends the small hose up to 15 meters in length. My plants thank you  for that Mr. Hozelock.

Why do I write you this letter, you might wonder. Well, I have to get something off my chest. Why do you fabricate such a fantastic product in such an ugly colour? As I looked horrified at the yellow hose, the salesman in the garden centre explains, "Yellow is the colour of the company".

After a week of use now my hose has transformed into a dirty muddy thing. What would I have liked to have a black garden hose Mr. Hozelock. I that case I could leave the hose between the plants. Clean or dirty, nobody would see it.

Or use a snake print, that would be so much fun. But maybe I get carried away here. And the ugly yellow hose nozzle ......Well that will be painted black!

Yours sincerely, 



The garden hose made by Hozelock. After a week of use now my hose has transformed into a dirty muddy thing.

What would I have liked to have a black garden hose Mr. Hozelock.

Nevertheless, my plants benefit! 

It is dry in the garden...... I have to water the plants carefully.

Rosa 'Scepter d' Isle' .......

....and the rose 'Summerwind'....

...and rose Jasmina like the warm summer weather!

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  1. I'll be interested to hear if he responds to your letter!
    Color aside, it looks like a great hose, though.

    Thanks for linking up at

  2. I am sorry to say, I did not receive an answer from mr Hozelock. Groetjes Hetty

  3. It does look like a great hose, but another color would certainly be better, though snake print? Uh... NO thanks! :) Your garden is beautiful.

  4. Dear Hetty,
    I too dislike hoses in bright colours. I think green ones look best. I love your garden pictures! Your plants look wonderful. I love the poppies and the colour combinations of your plants. It is interesting to see that your roses are still blooming. In my garden most blooms are wilted already as it is so hot this year. I can imagine that you have to water the garden a lot in order to keep it in such a good state. Your plants look so healthy. In Austria it is very dry and hot too at the moment, thus my plants also need a lot of water. However, I am in England, so it is my mum who is worrying about not letting my garden try out and not me. I am lucky, enjoying the beautiful gardens in England.
    Have a lovely day, Hetty!
    Best wishes,

    1. Oh, your poor mum, she has to work hard to keep the flowers in shape. Here it is dry and hot too! Enjoy your stay! Groetjes,


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