Vegetables to look at.

At the moment vegetable gardens are "hot". I hope growing vegetables will get more people interested in gardening.

A neat vegetable garden with straight rows of vegetables is a delight for the eye. I admire these gardeners that put so much love and patience in their vegetable garden. Believe me, a vegetable garden is a whole lot of work!

I have planted vegetables in the garden too, but I did it my way. No straight rows here. My vegetables are a part of the flower garden. Thus, Astrantia grows together with the red flowering broad beans; side by side with the rose bushes. In my view it is a wonderful combination.

The newly created border strips in the back yard are still a bit empty. To camouflage this I planted some lettuce. The lettuce have different colours dark red and green. The lettuce are still small, but already it is a beautiful combination with the blue flowers of the annuals.

I collected some seeds from the pumpkin I had for dinner last winter. These germinate very easily. I am going to plant these in a large container pot. Thus I can place them wherever I want.

Finally some news about my potatoes. I have written before about growing potatoes in pots. (read here) It is unbelievable how well they are doing! I planted these in the first week of March, so - in principle- I should be able to harvest these. Carefully I look into the pot to see if there are already any potatoes on the roots. I dig up one ..... too bad it is only two cm!

Patience Hetty, for now the vegetables are only nice to look at!

Romantic rose garden

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Astrantia together with broad beans in the flower garden.

They are stunning!

Red lettuce.....

... together with annuals.

The new border strips

Sweet potatoes 

And the early potatoes. 


The flowers are also sweet!

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  1. your garden looks like its doing very well. you will have lots of strawberries.

  2. Hej Hetty!
    Meget smuk sammensætning med Astrantia og bønner.Den røde salat er også dekorativ.
    God ide at dyrke grønsager i potter,-håber du får held med det hele!
    God aften ønsker Lise

  3. Dear Hetty,
    your vegetables look great! I like how you combine them with flowers. the container in which you grow the sweet potatoes looks very nice. I don´t grow any vegetables in my own gardens, but I grow a vegetable garden with my patients at the hospital I work at. At the moment the peas we sowed are in bloom. My patients are children and they really seem to enjoy gardening and are fascinated by growing their own food. And they can learn so much by growing vegetables. Last year one of the children pointed to some very big tomatoes asking "Are these apples?".
    Have a lovely day, Hetty!
    Best wishes,

    1. The container was used to harvest potatoes. I have wrapped some cloth around the inside. Keep up the good work! You can make everybody enthusiastic about gardening. Groetjes Hetty

  4. Hi!
    Looks absolutely wonderful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Many vegetables really are pretty! Bean flowers too! Remember I had parsley and salad between the flowers in my very first balcony box :)

  6. Beautiful together, vegetables and flowers!


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