Tulips from Amsterdam.

The other day my daughter and me went to Keukenhof. The weather forecast predicted a pleasant temperature and lots of sunshine. So, this is the time to go!

Alas, a lot of other people have come up with the same idea. All the roads to Keukenhof are jammed with traffic. All on their way to Keukenhof. After finally arriving we have to queue at the entrance, at the restaurant and at the toilet. Fortunately, the park is very large and we are able to fully enjoy the happy colours. All tulips are in bloom. It is beautiful.

Keukenhof is a huge attraction to foreign tourists too. We hear different languages all around us: Spanish, Italian, English, French and German. They all really enjoy the flowers.

And what do tourists do next day? Well they go to Amsterdam city and visit the flower market. Here they buy - as souvenirs - huge amounts of tulip bulbs. A bag for mom, one for their mother in law, one for the neighbour who hosts the cat .........

I am perplexed. Planting tulip bulbs in this time of year, is that possible? We always plant tulips in autumn never in spring. Planting in autumn will give the best results. If my bulbs supplier reads this he probably will freak out! If these bulbs do not bloom it will definitely harm the industry's reputation.

It makes me curious, though. While the merchant quickly wraps 300 tulips for a Spanish customer, I ask innocently: "As I plant these tulips now, when will they flower?" Without blinking an eye the man says: "After 4 to 6 weeks."

After 4 to 6 weeks! In your wildest dreams is my first reaction. I buy 10 tulips and plant them next day in the garden.

Mid-June I will come back to you about this experiment. But I am not very convinced seeing flowering tulips within six weeks!

These Anemones are on my list

Tulips almost translucent 

Combination of sweet colours......

or bright.....

.....  this is definitely our favorite!

Tourists are taking many pictures in the flower fields.

At the flower market in Amsterdam.

The purchases of a Spanisch customer.

The tulips of my experiment.

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  1. Dear Hetty,
    wow, so many tulips! I am curious to see how your tulip bulb experiment turns out.
    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Hetty, wow, how could I almost miss your post?! Keukenhof is so famous and I am glad that I got a bit of a glimpse through your entry. I think my favorite tulip in the post is the pink very filled one in your "bright color" photo.
    Hmm, planting tulips at the (almost) end of spring? I am also very curious if they will bloom.
    Wishing you a great rest of the week, Hetty!
    Warm regards,

  3. Keukenhof is fantastic! Never forget my visit there :)
    Was warned against the flower market. They also sell all year around at the airport. Tulip bulbs need a good period of cold temperatures, don't they? Well, I will follow your experiment...


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