May. Tree peonies.

May, what a wonderful month it is. Shall I write about the first roses, or about the extraordinary red blooming broad beans? About the last tulips? Indecisively I walk through the garden. But finally I choose the tree peony, it simply looks breath-taking.

Because my tree peony flowers two weeks only, I can enjoy the exuberant bloom for a short period. However, from my kitchen window I have perfect view at it. So I do not have to miss anything of its bloom.

Although this peony is called 'tree peony', it is not really a tree. Rather a large shrub about 2m high. The big flower buds appear around mid-April. As they do, I quickly count the buds; twenty. TWENTY, what a luxury!

In early May, the buds are colouring in a beautiful pink tone. I hold my breath, hoping it will not be a rainy week. If so the flowers will be gone even more quickly.

But the weather is good for me. Just a little bit of rain. The raindrops enhance the flower head’s beauty. As the sun breaks through the clouds, the flowers are opening. ...... Need I say more? They are just beautiful!

Because this year I have so many flowers I cut two of them. I put them in a vase and place them in the kitchen window.

Tree peonies, inside and outside. The decadence to the max!

Mid April, the flower buds are huge.

In May they are colouring.

The rain drops makes the flowers even more beautiful.

Suddenly the sun.

The flowers are opening......

..... and I can peek inside.

Inside a vase with tree peonies. Outside you can see the tree peony.

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  1. Dear Hetty,
    I love peonies and have some in my garden, but no tree peony. Your tree peony is super beautiful! Every year I think about buying a tree peony, but I am a bit worried about their size. They seem to grow into super large plants. Yours is so big, which I guess is wonderful if you have the space. And twenty buds- that´s amazing! I hope you will have good weather so that you can enjoy these lovely flowers for as long as possible.
    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Lisa , having an extra garden plot gives you the opportunity to buy one! Groetjes Hetty

    1. Dear Hetty,
      yes, you are probably right! I saw a super beautiful tree peony at a garden centre last year. It was lovely light pink with a purple eye and now I regret it that I didn´t buy it back then. This year the garden centres seem to have only a very small variety of tree peonies to offer and most of them aren´t blooming and I would like to see its flowers when I buy it.
      Best wishes,

  3. The tree peony was the right choice! It is stunning. Mine are showing color right now :)

  4. 20 buds! Lucky you! I had one bud last year (on one of my two newly planted tree peonies) and I was so happy to see it. Hopefully mine will grow as big as yours, that would be lovely.


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