Tulips in the wrong colour.

Around Easter many tourists are in our village. It almost seems they all have only one mission; taking a picture from our flowering pear tree. I do not blame them. It's such a beautiful picture!

I am busy on the other side of the hedge. I have to pull out all yellow tulips from previous years. There are quite a lot of them. Although the tourists may find it a “sin", it has to be done to my liking. I only want tulips in red colours. The yellow ones are placed in a bucket of water. These will come in handy later.

Moments later I hear "joehoe". It's my elderly neighbour. With her new rollator she has come to take a look at my tulips. As we stroll through the garden I pull out some tulips in the wrong colouring too. She too makes a remark about “sins!” She does not know yet I have a little plan. I am going to make a bouquet from all these tulips for her.

We sit on a bench and enjoy the pink tulips, which are flowering in front of us. We talk about joyful things but also about worries in life. After resting for a while, we continue our walk through the garden.

Under the pear tree some purple tulips bloom, which have to go into the bouquet too. "How about an Easter bouquet?" I ask her and put all the tulips I picked in the basket of her rollator. She is really pleased.

Conclusion, taking out tulips in the wrong colour is not a sin at all. They are just perfect for a bouquet!

April 21 and 22, the garden is openend to the public. Info see link below.

romantic rose garden

Yellow tulips.

I like to have the red ones only.

They look dramatic

Some Geraniums are flowering too!

Tulips and Leucojum

Sitting on the bench overlooking the pink tulips.

And the white ones are beautiful too.

The basket of the rollator.

And also a bouquet for me.


  1. Hi Hetty, I have a strong sense of color as well and so therefore I can totally understand that you pulled out the yellow tulips. It wouldn't even occur to me to call this a sin, after all it is YOUR garden that should make YOU happy :-)!
    Love the colorful bouquet in the rollator and yours on the table in the blue container looks breathtakingly beautiful.
    Well, you whole garden looks breathtakingly beautiful :-)!!! You did such a wonderful job this year again. I just would wish I could come over and see your garden with my own eyes.
    Warm regards,

  2. Dear Hetty,
    as always I enjoyed your garden story! I am not a big fan of yellow tulips in combination with reds either. I therefore understand why you picked them. However, there seem to be many people who love the combination of red and yellow tulips. In Vienna I see red and yellow tulips in many gardens. I think it was really nice of you to give some of your tulips to your elder neighbour. I really like your borders, especially the ones with the white tulips. In my small garden I also planted white tulips. However, the effect is not as dramatic as in your garden, because I did not plant as many tulips and they seem to get a bit lost in the borders as there are so many perennial plants. Regarding your borders with your white tulips, are these borders only planted with tulips and will they then be planted with annuals later in the year?
    Best wishes,

  3. How sweet to share your flowers with your neighbor! There's nothing like having your garden the way that makes you happy!

  4. A nice post :)
    You have a famous pear tree! I have tried to remove the yellow tulips several times, but they keep coming back... Better to use dem in a bouquet! I have to take the viritual walk in your beautiful garden.


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