A sea of tulips.

Last week I have been away on a short trip. Returning home, - my mind still on the blue Mediterranean sea - I am surprised to find a sea of tulips in my garden! How fast a garden can change in only four days.

Especially on the south faced wall of the house, it is magnificent. The pear tree is blooming a week earlier than last year. Short double tulips are flourishing underneath the pear tree. These are the so-called Murillo tulips. It is a bright mix of pink, orange and yellow. In the border next to it short double tulips are flourishing too. But here the colours are in soft pink pastel shades.

I like both combinations. The cheerful bright colours with the white pear blossom and the soft candy colours with the grey leaf of the olive tree.

Maybe you prefer one above the other, but I simply cannot choose.

Choose? Oh no. I am going to enjoy both!

The pink one is called 'Foxtrot'

The white one is 'Global Desire'

The strong pink tulip is 'Caravaggio'

The Murillo mix

How can I choose?


  1. Dear Hetty, these are truly lovely photos from your garden! Usually I would say that I prefer the pastel colors, but in your case I can't choose either, both combinations are incredible beautiful in each their own right.
    How appropriate to see tulips in a Dutch garden, that is what I would expect. Looks like the tulips do wonderful in your soil. Unfortunately, here in San Diego it is too hot for tulips to thrive. The more I have enjoyed seeing them in your garden!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, Hetty!

  2. Dear Hetty,
    I love your tulips! Your tulips look so beautiful! Is the longer white tulip with the purple stripes "Flaming Flag"? It looks like the "Flaming Flag" tulip in my garden.
    Best wishes,

  3. Yes you are right. It is flaming flag. Last year I have grown these at that spot. They returned spontaneously. I will put them in a vase! Groetjes Hetty

    1. Dear Hetty,
      I like the combination of "Flaming Flag" and your bright Murillo mix. I planted some "Flaming Flag" bulbs under a tree and I think mine don´t look as good as yours. Mine look a bit boring. Seeing yours, I think they look much better surrounded by other tulips in brighter colours. This way they seem to show off beautifully. Something I will remember for next year.
      Best wishes,

  4. Lovely colours in your sea of tulips. I´m not brave enough to mix colours that much, but it looks fantastic! How i wait for warmer weather to come here norther too!
    Have a good Easter!

  5. Wow! This time of the year already? Beautiful photos.
    Even here, the tulips are way up. Happy Easter!


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