The taste of early potatoes.

I remember my father harvesting the first early potatoes. My mother cooked these potatoes immediately and baked them too. That taste, delicious!

My father used to grow ‘Eerstelingen’. That is why I planted 'Eerstelingen' last year too. But the taste of my 'Eerstelingen' was disappointing. Did he use another variety or is it just nostalgia?

This year I want to try a different potato. So on a rainy February day I arrive at the shop of Veekens zaden. It is over an hour driving by car, but to me a visit to the store is just a treat. In this garden shop I simply want to buy EVERYTHING!

The seed potatoes are kept in a cool place. On either side of a narrow passage crates containing the particular seed potatoes are piled up to the ceiling. All these potato varieties; I instantly feel the stress of having to choose!

After telling which particular potato flavour I like, I’m recommended the English potato Arran Pilot. One thing I know for sure, my father never grew that variety! Yet I take them home with me, together with many flowers and vegetables seeds.

The potatoes sprouted in the barn and after a month or so they are ready for planting. By way of experiment I plant the seed potatoes in plastic containers. I added about 10 cm of soil in each container. Then I planted one potato in every container. As soon as the leaves are above the surface, I will cover them with some soil again. So I – hopefully - will get a big harvest on a small spot.

A large potato harvest .....

Just writing about it makes my mouth watering!

In the shop, I want to buy everything!

These pots.....

And all these seeds I want to sow.....

Looks so inviting to me.

Potato sprout.

The containers with the potatoes.

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  1. Hi Hetty, I wish we would have a shop like this here! Looks inviting, interesting, and I love that they have such a variety of seed potatoes. Good luck with yours. I wonder how your growing experiment will turn out and how the new English potato variety will taste. Please keep us updated!


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