Laughing at Ria or Lia.

The other day I visited my parents in law. Despite her high age, my mother in law is still a keen gardener. For the two of us, a visit to a garden centre is a wonderful getaway.

It may be cold outside, but the sun is shining in the garden centre’s the greenhouse. In the garden centre it is plenty of spring! Like a magnet we are drawn to the tables with spring flowers. All those lovely violets, daffodils, grape hyacinths and hyacinths; we would like to buy them all!

Suddenly my attention is drawn to a small yellow flowering bulb. "Look Mum, this is the Lachenaria". Often, I have seen this bulb on television, but never could buy one. Immediately I put three Lachenaria’s in the shopping cart. Nice! My mother in law puts another three in there too. We will plant these together with some violets in her wicker basket.

Later that afternoon my mother in law asks: "What’s that name again of that yellow bulb?" "Lachenaria" I repeat.” "Lachenaria? (In Dutch: Laugh-at-Ria) That is easy to remember my mother in law said wittedly, because her name is Ria”. She makes a great word play!

But then back home again as I look on my computer to see how hardy the Lauchenaria is Google says: you meant: Lachenalia

Alas I made a mistake. It is Lachenalia, In Dutch: Laughing-to-Lia.

So much for the nice word play. I am wondering, shall I tell her or not?

Lachenalia for sale.

Together with crocus.......

.........on the garden table.

Solo Lachenalia.

In a vase.

Part from the garden of my mother in law.


  1. Dear Hetty, I have never heard of Lachenalia before, there is always something new to discover in the plant world, isn't it? Looks like a wonderful bulb. It looks so pretty on your garden table with the dark wood as a background and I love the photo of the one flower stalk in the vase with the colorful metal tin keeping it company. So cheerful and upbeat, just what I needed this morning.
    Enjoy the early days of spring!
    Warm regards,

  2. Dear Hetty,
    visiting garden centers is indeed a joy! In particular after winter, it is lovely to see all these beautiful colours, knowing that the gardening season finally starts. I am very lucky as there are many garden centres near my home.(three big garden centres I can even reach per foot). Recently, I visit them whenever I find time and I too would love to buy all of these beautiful flowers.
    I have never seen or heard of Lachenalia before. It looks beautiful, especially in this aged pot. I love such pots. I think they look much nicer than new and clean ones. I really like the way you tell your "garden stories" Hetty and I am looking forward to hearing a lot more!
    Best wishes,

  3. Don't tell her!
    I've never seen that flower before, such a little darling. I hope it will bring you both loads of happiness.

  4. "Need to know"?
    Great to have garden interest in common with mother in law :)
    Cute flowers!


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