Spring, starting again.

 Last week I cut back the dry branches from the borders. As I do so, I see the new shoots already emerging from the soil. These plants are so privileged. They can start anew each year. Each year they get new stems, new leaves, new flowers; everything tight and crisp. Oh how I wish if that could happen to me too.

A few days later my wish already is being fulfilled as a young woman approaches me. She definitely is still “in her spring time”. She looks pretty in her makeup but inaccessible because of her beauty too. “May I apply some of our new strong lifting cream? The bags under your eyes will disappear like snow in the sun”. Bags? I think astonished and immediately sit myself in the chair.

The woman applies the cream under one eye only. After the cream has dried the young women shows me how I look in the mirror. Indeed, the one eye is completely tightened. I ask her the price of this cream. She tells me. But for that amount of money, I can buy a stainless steel spade plus a pair of garden gloves (!) So, I pop out of the chair and thank her kindly for the demonstration.

With one tight eye and the other baggy one I walk on. But the strong lifting cream pulls harder and harder on my eye. Soon it feels much too tight!

In despair, I wipe a wet finger under my eye. Finally ... what a relieve! Next I take a selfie to see what my eye really looks like. Simply terrible! It looks as if I have been crying a whole night and all the tears have dried up under my eye. And all this is happening on one eye only!

I will allow my plants a new spring, everything tight and crisp. But for me, I will just have to go to bed a little bit earlier!

Spring. Tulips for sale everywhere.

Spring. Hellebores in my garden.

Spring. New leafs on the trees.

Spring. Fresh leafs.

Spring. Blossom.

Spring. Crocuses starting to flower.

Spring. In a few weeks time the forget me not will flower again.

Spring. On the kitchen table.

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  1. Beautiful photos!
    I never thought the plants were that lucky...

  2. Dear Hetty, I have never thought about plants this way, but you are right, most of them can start fresh every year and completely renew themselves. That is another miracle of nature and part of why spring is so wonderful.
    Love the photo of the delicate ranunculous together with the white flowering branches!
    The tulips look very well grown, here sometimes you find tulips for sales that are such a low quality, they appear so pale, wimpy and distressed I don't even want to buy them...
    Enjoy the spring in your garden!
    Warm regards,

  3. I can totally understand your story! Who wants a fake face before a true garden?
    And your photos are magnificient! I want to dip my nose straight into all the tulips!

  4. Beautiful pictures and a lovely combination you have in your kitchen. They are definitely signs of spring. The downside of a miracle cream is probably as big as the miracle...

    Have a nice week-end, Carina

  5. Lovely, lovely pictures :)

  6. Kære Hetty!
    Du har en fantastisk humor og en spændende måde at skrive blogindlæg på.Desuden viser du også denne gang bedårende fotos af forårets vækster.
    God weekend
    Mange hilsner fra Lise


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