Amaryllis the continuing story.

Regular readers of my blog may remember I bought three Amaryllis bulbs in November. I liked the idea of blooming Amaryllis during the Christmas time. To give the bulbs a little extra, I gilded the bulbs. (Read the story again) However, the Christmas season passed without a single Amaryllis flowering!

This January, I placed the bulbs in a white flowerpot. By doing so the “gold” on the bulbs is less visible. After all Christmas is over. Then suddenly, from two out of the three bulbs a stem emerges. Finally something is going to happen!

As I return from a short trip, the both Amaryllises are flowering abundantly. However, not in the white colour that was on the venders’ picture; but pink! I don’t mind; they are beautiful as well.

And what, you might ask, about the third one? The last of the three bulbs is still looking as it was last November. No sign of life. Probably it is an even later bloomer, or is this Amaryllis just waiting for next Christmas?

In that case, I certainly hope this is the white one!

The situation in December.

And the situation in Januari.

The flowers are pink.....

.. but I like that too!

White and gold.

The third Amaryllis bulb. Nothing has changed!

I hope it is a white one, like the picture of the vendor.

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  1. Hi Hetty, white or not your amaryllis is a beauty! As a matter of fact I think it is a very special one with a very interesting two toned coloration. I haven't seen an amaryllis like this!
    Somehow only this year I truly recognized how lovely amaryllis' are. I don't like the warm red common ones so much, but there are so many more varieties out there now. We can even grow them in the ground here. So for next year I am planning to treat myself to a few bulbs :-)!
    Have a great week, Hetty!

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome Hetty, it's my first time visiting you.
    Gorgeous amaryllis no matter what colour. The two toned effect is very pretty. I've never tried to grow them so can't help with any useful advice.
    I've currently got some hyacinth bulbs sitting in the dark until the end of January. They were a Christmas present. They have started to sprout so it looks hopeful. I've also started an avocado seed sitting very precariously in water. That too looks like it's starting to sprout. Maybe spring is on it's way. Have a great week :D

  3. Gilded bulbs! How beautiful! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your last bulb!

  4. Yes, remember the gold experiment.
    The Amaryllis is beautiful, though. Even if the white one is very attractive. Better luck next time...

  5. I always wanted to buy an amaryllis. I will buy one for next Christmas.
    Great photos..


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