A magical moment.

"I have promised myself to lie more on the grass, looking at the clouds in 2017," I tell my husband. He laughs at me. You? However a few days later…....

It is foggy and it freezes as I drive home with my car. Suddenly, the sun pushes the fog aside. The once bleak landscape is transformed into a fairy tale. The branches of the White Popler ( Populus alba) are covered with the ice of frozen fog. I continue driving and enjoying the scenery. Then I remember my promise for 2017! Although I cannot lie in the grass, I can stop the car and get out.

It is quiet. No sound anywhere. I look at the silver bark of the White Popler trees. Silver barks and silver branches ... Magnificent. As I take a closer look at the branches, I see the ice has grown on one side only. That's because of the ruling western winds in this aria.  For the same reason the trees have grown to one side as well. Here in this quiet road I can see the "wind".

Suddenly ...... Pffffft. A soft sound. It is in front of me, next to me and behind me. Pffft. Pffft, like thousands of small arrows whizzing down.

The sun is melting the ice. The "wind" whooshes down. I have been caught in the middle of it by surprise.

A magical moment.

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The branches are covered with ice.

If I look closer.....

.... I can see the "wind".

Silver branches.

It is silent overhere.

A magical moment.

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  1. Dear Hetty, I am so glad you stopped your car to take in the spectacular looking iced covered Poplar trees. Wow, I have never seen anything like this. As you descried it so well, "you can see the wind". Amazing!
    It is astounding what we are able to discover, if we just take the time to pause for a moment. These things really make life worthwhile.
    Your post has inspired me to also take a pause from time to time and just take in the miracle of life! Thanks, Hetty!
    Warm regards,

  2. Your photos and words are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Wonderful photos Hetty !! so beautiful the ice crystals on the branches of the trees !
    Mooie blog heb je !
    Prettig weekend !
    Els (www.whistering.nl)

  4. Winter Wonderland in your way! One have to take the time to enjoy life and silence. If not...

  5. Beautiful winter shots. Thanks for sharing.


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