DIY gilding Amaryllis.

Occasionally I buy something that is waiting for inspiration. Like the package of “gold-leaf” I bought at Sostrene Grenes. I think it has nothing to do with gold, because the package "gold-leaf" costs just over one euro.

It starts spinning in my head immediately.... What can I do with it? The solution comes quickly. I have bought three Amaryllis bulbs for Christmas. Gilding Amaryllis bulbs, why not?

First I remove the brown outsides of the Amaryllis bulbs. Gently I brush the gold-leaf on the bulb. The material is thin and does not want to cooperate. After wetting the bulb with water, I try again. Now the gold sticks a little better, but it remains a hassle. (Next time I will use wallpaper paste on the bulb).

I make a ring from aluminium foil in order to place the bulb on preventing it from falling over. Finally I put each bulb in a glass jar and place it in front of the windowsill on the attic.

I expected the Amaryllis to grow quickly, but two weeks later, NOTHING has happened! Instantly the scene from the Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’ comes to my mind. Perhaps the bulb is choking in all that gold! Carefully I remove the gold layer from the top ends.

Within two weeks’ time, it will be Christmas. For that reason I decorate the kitchen window with the gilded Amaryllis bulbs and pine branches. The Amaryllis has grown only 1 mm and I realize:

This Christmas we will most certainly be without blooming Amaryllis!

The brown outside of the bulb is removed.

Starting to decorate the bulb with gold-leaf.

It is a hassle.

Finally finished!

Two weeks later.....

.... no flower is emerging.

But it looks.....

rather cute.

The Amaryllis has grown 1 mm.

This Christmas we will most certainly be without blooming Amaryllis!


  1. What a lovely idea!
    Won't you please post shots so we can see what they look like once they bloom!
    Thanks for linking up at

  2. Aw! All that effort...
    Some of my Amaryllis are flowering now, and some are 5cm. Always exciting to see if any of them will bloom for Christmas. May be!


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