DIY. Creative with pinecones.

I got a box containing two pots of birdseeds for my birthday. There were some pinecones added to the package too. Maybe to challenge me a bit! The idea is to put the birdseeds on the pinecones, so the birds can feast of this tasty meal. I can already visualize it.

But where to put these cones? Preferably at a spot close to the house like, for instance, in front of the kitchen window. Unfortunately, there is no tree to hang the pinecones in at this spot.

But I have a solution. The other day I cut a branch from the walnut tree. Because of lack of time I have not yet cleared it. That comes in handy now. I put the big branch against the yew hedge and tie it with some wire to the hedge. Perfect!

Having solved that issue, I start to work on the birdfeed. It is a rather fiddly job to get the greasy paste out of the pot with a knife and smear it between the pinecones. Impatient as I am I wonder cannot this be done quicker?

That is why I try to do it with my hands. I grab the greasy paste out of the pot and squeeze it into the pinecone right away. That works a lot better. After having fixed one cone, I go outside to hang the pinecone in the branch to see how it looks. However, to get outside I have to open two doors ....... with my greasy hands and next I take some pictures ……again with my greasy hands .........

It's a great job for the Christmas holidays. But think twice before you are going to do this with your (grand) children .....

Because if you do it the same way I did you can immediately start with the spring-cleaning!

First I tie the walnut branch to the hedge.

It is a fiddly job to smear the paste into the pinecone.

It looks really nice.

I hope the birds will like it too.

The final result.

The next day......

........Blue Tits come and go!

They are so pretty.


  1. Hi Hetty, great job and it looks lovely, too. I am sure the birds are appreciating your effort! The blue tits are very pretty, indeed!
    Warm regards,

  2. A great idea welcomed by the birds, Hetty. They look quite festive too!
    Thank you for linking up with the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

  3. He-he :)
    Pretty pinecones and lucky birds!


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