December 5th, will there be leaves on the trees?

Today, December 5th, it is the birthday of Sinterklaas. On this day it is a Dutch tradition to give the children presents. On this “Sinterklaas party” our living room is filled with large -fake- packages, silly surprises and idiotic rhymes! My daughters always have been very fond of this party. And I think, they still do! But we as elders love this day too.

"How long will it take before Sinterklaas arrives?" they used to asked me, when they were little. I always told them: "When all the leaves have fallen from the trees, Sinterklaas is coming." And indeed, every year, on December 5th all the leaves were fallen from the trees.

But this year ............

It is late November, and some of the trees still have plenty of leaves. The apple tree in my garden for instance: still full of leaves. Even a forgotten apple is hanging on the tree. Then suddenly there is a night with frost. Next morning the garden looks like as if it was sprinkled with granulated sugar. As soon as the sun shines on the leaves however the layer of ice melts. Will this frost be on time to make the leaves fall from the trees?

I follow the developments in the garden, with some anxiety. Will the trees be bare at December 5th or do we indeed have a change of climate?

It will not bother Sinterklaas though.

He will come
He will come
That dear old Saint )*

)* lyric from a Sinterklaas song

A forgotten apple.


........the garden looks covered with sugar 


My apple tree at the end of November.


  1. Not a single leave left here...
    Of course Sinterclaas will arrive :) A very special tradition you have in Holland! And beautiful frost too. Greetings!


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