Tulip bulbs and the neighbour’s cat.

“Don’t you ever get fed up with planting bulbs every year?”, a lady asks me. Fed up? I just cannot wait! As soon as the boxes are delivered from my bulb supplier (Deen bloembollen) it feels like birthday, Santa Claus and Christmas all together. I start planting immediately.

As I mentioned in a previous blog (click here), I have re-worked the backyard. Planting in a newly shaped garden area is the nicest thing to do. The heavy clay soil is well prepared and deliciously crumbly. Planting 500 tulips in colour shades of white, green/ white striped and dark red is easy. Another box ticked, you might think. Alas reality is different!

Every day I find unearthed tulip bulbs in the back yard. They are scattered all over the place. How can this be? Well, it turns to be the neighbour’s cat. This cat knows exactly when I have prepared the soil. The next day, that particular piece of soil is used as a litter box. I can assure you that it is quite smelly and dirty if you have to replant a bulb.

For that reason, I hunt for the cat. So regularly you can see me sprinting from the house into the garden, angrily hissing, kssst ksst. Rotkat!

So I am never fed up with planting flower bulbs, but the uncivilized neighbor’s cat; I'm totally FED UP with that beast!

P.S. Dear cat lovers, please don’t feel offended, I reckon your cat never do such things.

The boxes in the hall way.

I start planting right away.

The back yard. 

In this crumbly soil planting is easy.

I plant dark red ones.....

This colour make the combination more powerful.

White ones with green stripes....

.....And simple white ones.
We just have to wait for 6 months...

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  1. Tulips are the most wonderfull bulbs.All the different colours and shapes gives you lots of oppertunitis.You have chosen very nice colours.It,s a very smart tool you have got for planting but it is also a need when you have so many bulbs to plant!
    I only have bulbs left fore planting in pots.
    Nice cat,-but I know the problem.
    Best regards from Lise in the cold Denmark

  2. I love cats - we have two of them - but there's a tom cat who comes around spraying some rather foul odors. I'd love to find a way to deter him.
    Good luck with the cat, and with the garden! It will be lovely, I'm sure.
    Thanks for joining us at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/11/a-dream-of-lifetime.html

  3. Dear Hetty,
    wow, you planted so many tulip bulbs. I am really looking forward to seeing pictures of all the tulips in spring! I am sure they will look beautiful!
    Regarding the unearthed bulbs, I have the same problem. I had planted tulip bulbs in my garden and some days later I found many of them lying on top of the soil. I was wondering which animal would dig up tulip bulbs and hearing your story, I think that I might also have a naughty cat in my garden.
    Best wishes,

  4. I can't wait to see photos of your yard. I love cats but it's awful to walk in the yard and smell the foul odor.


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