Murillo tulips. It's all nostalgia.

Whilst I am in the garden my husband calls me: “There has been a package delivered for you”. I did not order anything. So what could it be? Anxiously I look inside the package and find the Murillo tulips I ordered at Keukenhof this spring.

Thinking back to that day in spring, I see myself strolling at Keukenhof. Busy writing and thinking what to choose for next spring. Suddenly my eye is drawn to a flowerbed of Murillo tulips. Murillo tulips? That name sounds familiar to me.

You should know, my grandfather used to be a professional tulip grower once. That’s the reason why I have asked my old aunts if they remembered the kind of tulips my grandfather grew. This made my aunts thinking for a long time. Eventually they came up with a name. They were sure it were Murillo tulips. My aunts also told me that in those days the pink ones were very successful.

I can see why these short stem, doubled early tulips are loved. At Keukenhof these have been planted in a long strip. They just look very cute. I seat myself at a bench close by and think about the conversation with my aunts several years back. Should I buy these Murillo tulips? For the sake of old times? My aunts? My grandfather? In a fit of nostalgia I step inside the shop and buy 60 Murillos.

My old aunts have both diseased. What a pity I cannot call them and tell I am planting these tulips. They surely would have loved that.

Murillo tulips. Tomorrow I will be planting them. Just like my grandfather used to do!

Murillo tulips........

............double early tulips.........

.......planted in a long strip at Keukenhof.

There are many colours..........

..........but they all look good to me.

Murillo tulips, I am going to plant them!


  1. Beautiful flowers, do plant and take photos in the spring. Please!

  2. Stunning blooms - I've never seen tulips so full and lush!
    Thanks for sharing at


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