Flowers and veggies. A tasteful story.

In trendy restaurants nowadays it is very common to serve flowers with your vegetables. Flowers served on a plate together with vegetables. It seems a strange combination. But actually, these flowers taste pretty good.

On my turn I have done the opposite. This spring I sowed carrots amongst the flowers. Occasionally eating a carrot during the gardening jobs seemed very nice to me. Well indeed, a carrot every now and again is delicious, but the foliage is utterly beautiful too. But, I feel I have to do something with its wasted foliage!

I thought, flowers on your plate, why not put vegetable leaves in a vase? The decorative carrot leaves between roses and dahlias, it is just stunning! An additional benefit, the carrots leaves survive at least one week in a vase.

Following this success my imagination runs wild. How about putting the carrots in the vase too? Now that's original! To keep close to the theme I also pick a little bunch of runner beans leaves and some flowers of rucola. I arrange it all together in a beautiful glass vase.

Once you have seen the pictures, do you think this could be a new "flower-arranging trend" or is it just a figment of a wacky garden freak?

I wonder, next time you buy carrots, what will your response be being asked by the grocer: "Do you want the foliage off?"

Carrot foliage in the garden.

It is useful for flower arrangements.

In a pink combination.

Or use the foliage in a white combination.

Together with roses.

Carrot in a vase, why not?

Foliage of carrot and runner beans.

Rucola flowers.

Vegetables in a vase.

Flowers and vegetables, a tasteful combination.
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  1. These are lovely images, Hetty - thanks so much for joining us at

  2. "Tropaeolum majus" taste very good in salad (flowers and young leaves).
    Carrot in a vase looks very interesting :)

  3. very pretty bouquets - I love the one with carrots

  4. I love the leave of nasturtium on tomato sandwiches. They have such a lovely light pepper taste.

  5. Dear Hetty, this is genius! First I have to say that I love the photo with the veggies and the light yellow nasturtium (?) flower!
    I think your idea to use carrot leaves in flower arrangements is really working and why not? But usually we don't think out of the box and us vegetables this way. I might copy you on that next year, since my garden is lacking of good filler green for bouquets and I really like the delicate leaves of the carrot plant.
    Carrots in a vase, well I have to admit it would take me a bit to get used to that, though. But human are a creature of habits so again: Why not!
    Kudos to you for being brave, creative and experimenting.
    Warm September greeting from California,

  6. They are all beautiful. Carrots! Why not?
    Have a nice weekend/Marika


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