Flower power. A cool gadget.

On our annual family day, a niece of mine asked: "Hetty, do you have an iPhone? If so I have something for you." I look surprised at the gift that she places on the table in front of me. What is this??

It turns out to be a transmitter that needs to be placed in the pot of a plant. The transmitter communicates with your phone about the fortunes of the plant. A gadget! Honestly, that's not really my type of thing. But no one seems to care. Instantly an app has to be downloaded and the program from the web is installed on my iPhone. Whilst I think what to do with this gadget, my niece looks at me expectantly. Her eyes say: do you like it?

At once I see an application for this gadget. Of course, the Areca palm in the living room! This plant could use some attention. This poor plant is watered no more than twice a year.

Back home I place the transmitter next to the palm. The day after, a message appears on my telephone. The plant needs water. I respond immediately with the watering can. The next day there is another notification. The Areca palm has too little fertilizer. I do my job. Your wish is my commend

Every day now I look on my phone to see how he is. Water, fertilizer and light, it's all right now. My palm is happy and satisfied.

Who would have thought of that? After years of neglect my Areca palm and I are bonding.

Dear niece, on behalf of my palm, thanks for this cool gadget. You are the saviour of the plants live!

The gadget.

I placed it in the pot.

As you can see, my palm need some attention!

I used the blister to make plant labels and in the pot.......

.......... I made a lovely bouquet for you all!
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  1. Dear Hetty, I am not so sure about the gadget, as I always feel I am getting more than enough messages on my cell phone, but I definitively love your bouquet! The soft, muted colors together with the light green are so pretty, just what I needed this morning!
    Wishing you wonderful last days of summer!

  2. It amazes me what we can do with our phones!
    Thanks for joining this week's party:

  3. That is very cool, maybe I'd still have plants if I'd have had one. You're niece did good. Thank you for the bouquet, it's so cheerful and pretty.

  4. Lovely bouquet, and my houseplants desperately need your gadget. They would be yelling at me everyday, feed, water!

  5. What an interesting little gadget! I wonder if it could keep me from killing my houseplants! The bouquet is just beautiful and made me smile when I saw it.


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