Through the macro lens.

This week a lot of traffic runs along my house. Usually it is not that busy at all, but the holiday season has arrived. In almost endless streams, tourists drive up to the beach.

In case you are planning your holiday too, it would be a good idea to cut back the geraniums before you leave. In the time you relax on the beach, the geraniums will regrow again. By the time you return, you will have a beautiful green plant again. That is if you do not return too quickly from your holiday!

Although I am still at home, I cut back the geraniums too. As a result of that my garden looks like a battlefield. Empty spaces wherever you look.

To provide you my beloved blog readers, still with some pretty pictures, I scrawled through the garden with my macro lens. As a result you won’t see the empty spots in the border. I am surprised to see how pretty the garden looks through my lens.

For those of you that go on vacation, I wish you a save journey.

For those who stay at home .......Enjoy your garden!

Papaver somniferum and Centaurea 'Black Boy'......

.........make a beautiful combination.

Centaurea 'Black Boy'

 Papaver rhoeas seedling.


Achillea millefolia 'Pink Grapefruit'

Campanula lactiflora and rosa 'Chapeau de Napoleon'


'La rose de Molinard'

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  1. Dear Hetty,
    thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your plants! Could you tell me at which time of the year you sowed your poppies?
    Best wishes,

  2. Yes, beautiful photos from your garden!
    Macro-lenses really are useful :)

  3. So delicate, even it's just peak! We are on vacation 4 more days, I imagine my garden want's a drink by now.

  4. Hetty, beautiful garden flower pictures. I haven't taken too many this year and it always makes me wanna capture pretty flowers when I see images like these. Thanks for sharing and it's great meeting you via the WW community. Have a fototastic week! ;)

    Knoxville Goes Hollywood #dogyears movie #photos

  5. Hello, I love your papavers and such a lovely blog you have...
    Many greetings, Ida


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