Lavender and a garden women without a garden.

Do you know one too? A garden woman without a garden? Well, I do.

She lives on the first floor of a three story buildingShe is growing lavender oher windowsill. Because of her loving care and dedication all the seeds have germinated. The seedlings grow into long lanky plants. Of course these seedlings have to go outside, but whereto go?

She has a balcony, but it's tiny one and to make things worse, it is north facing. She stares into the garden of her downstairs neighbour with a sighThis garden is hardly ever gardened. It is unevenly distributed.

I offer her to plant the lavender in my garden for the time being. Then she may collect the plants in a later stage if ever she has a garden by herself. She accepts. The lavender is packed in the car, of course firmly strapped in the harness!

The lavender is planted in my garden with a lot of attentionWhen the garden woman without a gardenreturns to her apartment, she says goodbye to her seedlings. It is up to me now to take care of them.

This week I received a message from the garden woman without a garden. She has germinated lemon seeds on the heater. Ten kernels and they all germinated! Oops, lavender is one thing, but taking care of 10 lemon trees ...... that’s a different story.

It is time for this garden freak to move to a house with a garden. Otherwise, I will soon have to built a conservatory!

Windowsill  of the garden women without a garden.

Lemon seedlings.

Her baby lavender in my garden.

It will take some time to see them flowering.

I make a little flower arrangement.

And put it on het bed. Maybe she is coming soon.
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  1. The lavender is pretty--and you are a good friend to the woman without a garden!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Hetty!
    Thank you for sharing at


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