Gnoom Joop is grumping again.

Gnome Joopgrumpy as ever.

Hello, I'm back. Most of the readers of this blog have met me before, but for the new followers I will introduce myself: I'm Gnome Joop and I have been living in this garden for years.

Isummer the garden woman often goes on a garden trip. She leaves her husband behind; he is all alonePoor manAfter a long day’s work hfirst will have to dig up his potatoes from the garden to get a mealThere isome lettuce too, she says, before leaving.

All the garden work has been assigned to me. I gently nod when she enumerates the tasks for me to do: watering plants, mowing the lawn and cutting the hedge. Not that I'm going to do any of these tasks, I feel absolutely not compelled to do so.

Before she left she has pruned the geraniums. Large gaps of several square meters are visible now. I think she needs to reflect on this issueShe really plants too much of the same species

When I look up to the sky, I see hundreds of plumshanging. She has not thinned the plums and now the branches bend down dangerously. In a few weeks’ time the plums will ripe and the branches will break. You should hear her complaining by then!!

Let me check the Hydrangea’s. Wow, they are doing fine. Why does she leave now the Hydrangea’s are at their very best? Garden women, I will never understand them.

It is nice and quiet in the garden. Time to take a siesta on my favourite spot.

Maybe you want to take a look in the garden? After all it is not as nice as she tries to make you think every week.

See you all.


Why is she going on a garden trip.......

........ with a Hydrangea's like this?

Huge empty spaces after cutting back the geraniums.

Look at these plums! The branches bent over dangerously.

Digging up potatoes, not my job.

The lettuce looks yammie.

Fortunately she did not cut Geranium 'Summer Skies'. 

I like the clematis.

It is time to take a siesta! 
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  1. What a beautiful garden. And the gnome is perfect in this space - he adds a touch of fun!
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