'Old Blush', a rose with a history.

June, most of the old-fashioned roses are flowering. These fragrant roses bloom only once. Also my old-fashioned rose 'Old Blush' flourishes. There is only one important difference, this old-fashioned rose blossoms repeatedly!

There is an amazing story about this rose ...

1000 years ago in China roses were cultivated. The roses bloomed all once, until a few roses mutated. These roses bloomed not once, but all year round! It will not surprise you these roses were very much appreciated.

The most important of these flowering roses was 'Old Blush', also called 'Crimsons Pink'. (I assume in China this rose must have had a different name). In 1790, after a long boat trip, the rose arrived from China to England. Rose breeders started to cross the Chinese rose with all roses of Europe. That gave interesting results! Repeatedly flowering roses; it was a breakthrough.

When I read this story I HAD to have this rose. Such an important rose deserves a place of honour in my rose garden. Nowadays the rose is still for sale. I paid only four euro for a rose bush. That must have been a lot more in 1790!

'Old Blush' is a healthy shrub, a little tiny, about 60 cm high. The fragrant roses are densely filled with petals. They decolour from strong to soft pink. Comparing 'Old Blush' with modern hybrids, 'Old Blush' is not noticed in the border. There has never been anyone who has asked for the name.

For me it is a good reason to place 'Old Blush' in the spotlight. Although this rose is not noticed, every modern rose carries the genes of 'Old Blush'.

'Old Blush'. A rose with a 1000-year-old history. Chapeau!

The garden is opened to the public June 24 and 25 see link below.


'Old Blush'

In the windowsill.

'Old Blush' in the border.

Never noticed.

'Blush Noisette' from 1817. Rosa moschata x 'Old Blush'

Rosa 'Marie Pavic. I see something familiar to 'Old Blush'

Rosa 'Gruss an Aachen', also carries the genes of 'Old Blush'.

'Old Blush'. A rose with a 1000-year-old history. 


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  1. Hetty, I did not know the story of Old Blush. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen this rose. I especially like the Gruss an Aachen, with its apricot-blush tones. Years ago, it was on my shopping list. Perhaps it will be again!

  2. Dear Hetty,
    your old roses are very beautiful. I especially like the combination of Blush Noisette and Old Blush. I also have an old rose in my garden, which repeats flowering, namely Mme. Boll. It is one of my favorite roses.
    Kindest regards,

  3. Thanks for sharing the history of these amazing flowers. I love the name and the fact that they made that arduous journey and turned out so beautifully

  4. Your roses are so beautiful and what a great history. I enjoyed visiting your garden.


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