Tulips; Top or Flop.

The tulip season has come to an end. Time to reflect. What has been top and what was has been a flop.

Let's start with a topper. FOUR weeks bloomed tulip 'The Edge'. Okay, they were on a secluded and dark place, but FOUR weeks! This double tulip with white edge to the foliage, had to endure rain, hail and wind, but flourished undeterred in the black tub. Top.

The tulips I planted in the old bulbs baskets of my grandfather has been another top. In these baskets I planted the pink tulips 'Foxtrot' and 'Marjolein Bastin'. The colours are amazing together. They flourished for weeks.

Any more top markings? Certainly. The border with pink tulips that I told you about earlier (read here) now flourishes with salmon-coloured tulips. I combined these with pink and black tulips. Add the apple blossom to this combination and you have a mouth-watering border. Probably due to last days hot weather, these remind me of sorbet ice; strawberry, orange and chocolate. Mmmmm!

Then the flop. It is about my beautiful white parrot tulips. The shape, the colour, these are all truly magnificent. The flowers are like sails in the wind. These are quite big and heavy too. Alas, as soon as these tulips started to bloom, every morning there were snapped flowers hanging on the stems.

How odd! Was it the wind, or maybe the neighbour’s cat that had run through my border, or just "self-deadheading tulips"?

I have put all snapped of flowers in a vase. Meanwhile my windowsill is full of them.

Self-deadheading tulips. Maybe a top for tulip breeders, but for me they are an absolute flop!

Tulipa 'The Edge' flowered for four weeks!

The old bulb baskets of my grandfather. I have planted them with Tulipa 'Foxtrot' and  'Marjolein Bastin'

Mouthwatering border, 'Menton',  'Rosalie' and 'Continental'.

The white tulips. Tulipa 'Maureen' (75 cm!!) is doing great. But the parrot tulip 'Madonna'.........

.........is a "self-deadheading" tulip!

It is beautiful one.

But meanwhile I have a windowsill full of them

Another fiery top combination 'Mistic Garant' and 'Conqueror'.

The choice of the public: 'Flaming Flag', 'Purple Flag' and 'Purple Dream'.

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  1. Fantastic pictures. It is a wonderful garden. I mostly love the bench with asll the blossomsaroungd. A dream!

  2. Beautiful tulips.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Wonderful tulips.
    I especially like the photo with the bank and the flowers.
    Greetings, Karin


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