Tulips heart.

The open garden days are over. It has been busy. People from several European countries were sitting together at my garden table; each with its own story. I also met some readers of my blog.

In the garden, the peace may have returned, but this cannot be said about the weather. It is been blowing quit severe; we also had rain and even hail. This caused a lot of tulips snapping off. These end up in a vase on the windowsill.

If you take a closer look inside the tulips, you can see their beautiful hearts. These hearts vary a lot. This makes me curious about the other ones. So I go into the garden with my camera. Carefully I peek inside the tulips ....

There are the weirdest colour combinations. How about a pink tulip with a blue heart and black stamens? I could not have made up a better combination. In Tulip ‘Apeldoorn’ you will find a colour palette of red, yellow and black. An exclusive heart for an ordinary red tulip. Who would have thought of that?

Some stamens have become wet from the rain. This means that the tulips cannot close properly to keep the stamens dry. The petals fall off quickly now. I remove all these fallen petals to prevent Botrytis; a fungal disease. It is better to remove these tulip flowers altogether before they fall off. Just snap of the tulip heads just below the flower.

Snapping tulips…. What am I talking about? There are still so many late varieties to come in bloom. This week I’ll present you the tulips from an unusual perspective:

Straight from the heart

Tulipa 'Elizabeth Arden'

Tulipa 'Wonderful'

Tulipa 'Madonna'

Tulipa 'Hemisphere'

Tulipa 'Flaming Flag'

Tulipa 'Queen of Night'

Tulipa 'Continental'

Tulipa 'Mistic Garant'

Tulipa 'Apeldoorn'

Tulipa 'Happy Generation'

Tulipa 'Slawa'

Tulipa 'Flaming Parrot'

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  1. These photos are marvellous, my absolute photo-favorite is #1 and 3 and the tulip favorite is Queen of Night.

  2. It must have been a great experience :)
    Even the stamens and interior details of the tulips are beautiful.
    Suddenly the summer temperature has arrived here. Tomorrow, my first tulip will unfold :)

  3. You have looked deep into the flowers ....
    very nice shots.
    Greetings, Karin


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