Tree peonies, beauty and transience.

The last few days we had some hot days causing the blooming to explode in the garden! Lilac, Wisteria and Alliums all have opened their buds.

And as icing on the cake: the tree peony is flowering too! This year the tree peony has many flowers. The pink flowers have are almost 20 cm in diameter.

The downside of all this beauty however, is the short flowering period. 1 to 2 weeks at the most. So you best sit next to it all day not to miss a moment of their beauty.

The other day I spoke to my older brother on the phone. I mentioned the beauty of the tree peony and complained about the short flowering period. "Is that a bad thing?" my brother asked. He had a totally different view to this ephemeral bloom. "If they bloomed all year round, would you still rave about them” he asked. “And for that matter, if you could buy fake peonies, would you enjoy these as much?"

He has a point there. But I also felt a bit caught. What he did not know is, that I bought silk peonies recently. I decided to see if I could enjoy these fake peonies too.

So I made a mixed bouquet of real Lilacs, Laurel and the silk peonies. The lilacs scent heavenly and so do the laurel branches ... but of course the silk peonies do not. Although they bloom endlessly without wither, in the end it is still a bit boring.

So I take some pictures of my beautiful tree peony in the garden before it's too late, and share them with you.

In the end, my brother is right. Tree Peonies: that is only beauty and transience. And that's not a bad thing at all!

Beautiful flowers
The flowers are about 20 cm each.
In the morning light.
The whole peonie
There are many flowers.
So many beautiful flowers this year.
This one is starting to fade already.
Bouquet with white peony, Lilacs and Laurus.

Did you notice these peonies are fake?

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  1. Your peonies are beautiful!

  2. Wow! Your tree peonies are amazing. We grow herbaceous Peonies but I have never tried a Tree. I also like your silk Peonies... combined with real flowers they look great.

  3. So beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend/Marika

  4. Beautiful tree peony and I agree with your brother. I had a large bush and I enjoyed the whole season from the new sprouts in red-green-orange over the flowering to the neat and beautiful bush and the autumn colour.

    Have a nice week-end! Carina

  5. Well, you definitely fooled me. I had no idea they were fake!

  6. I found you on Blommig Fredags sight.
    Lovely photoes!!!
    Hope you have a nice Sunday wishes Lena from Wales

  7. The tree paeonias are incredible. What beauties you have!
    Even mine are showing color now :)

  8. I love peonies and yours are fabulous.....beautiful shots!


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