The gold digger.


Last year I came across an inspiring combination of red tulips. ( see picture above) For many years I have grown red tulips in my front yard, but always in a combination with yellow tulip called 'Strong Gold'. It is one of the hardiest tulips.

Last autumn I planted another 600 tulips in various shades of red, according to my plan. This spring the red tulips emerged from the ground but also the yellow ones of the previous years appeared. So, not much had changed in my colour scheme. Everyone told me not to bother about those yellow tulips. They are all right and they look nice and sunny.

What to do? For a week, I thought it over. I decided I really had to go for red, otherwise this combination would not come together at all. At a time nobody was around - to prevent me from doing so - I grabbed a knife and cut out all the yellow and yellow flamed tulips from the border. There were over a hundred!

As a neighbour passed by he said to me: Why do you pick all those yellow tulips from your front yard? I felt caught and told him about my colour scheme. I doubt if he could follow my plan.

Now the final result is exactly what I had in mind. A combination of various red tulips. I am very pleased with the result, how the red combines with the fresh red foliage of peonies and roses.

How about you? Do you think I was too harsh on those yellow golden tulips?

Anyhow, the home of this “gold digger” is full of vases with tulips.

Filled with ..... Strong Gold!



In my garden, the yellow tulips of previous years.


The same spot, after removing the yellow tulips. 


I like the combination of the foliage  and the red tulips.

spring garden

It is a hot colour.......


.... but I am pleased with the result.

The front garden in red.

yellow Iris

I could not cut these beautiful Irises. 

yellow tulip

In the vase, the yellow tulips 'Strong Gold'.

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  1. Gorgeous flowers, Hetty. Thank you so much for sharing at

  2. The all-red garden caught my eye in the link party photos -- I think it's quite striking! Red is an unusual color of tulip in the US -- so I think your choice is a good one!

  3. Your tulips are beautiful!


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