Daffodils in the spotlight.

Daffodils are the backbone of my spring garden. They flower faithfully every year. And sometimes there are even more than the year before!

In my garden I grow all kinds of varieties. White and yellow ones, with large trumpets and with small ones. The short flowered stem varieties suit me best. Because at the coast the wind can blow so strong. This short stem narcissus can cope with that.

Because of a windy weather forecast, the other day, I placed four pots of daffodils in front of the French doors. That spot is sheltered from the wind. As I pass by these narcissus a sweet scent flows towards me. And from inside the house it looks stunning. Although it was not meant to be this way, I will just keep them flowering there.

After flowering all faded daffodil flowers should be cut off. Otherwise the bulbs put too much energy into making seeds. If you have many daffodils, it is a daunting task. Once I have heard of an English Lady who  did this deadheading with a sword.

Immediately my imagination runs away ...... I see myself as a light-footed Ninja leaping through the garden. With tight movements I hit the narcissus with the tip of my sword ... ... chak, chak, chak!

Ah, I see too many movies. The reality is, as always, sobering.

I take my hedge clipper. Cut. ……Cut…….. Cut ....

The garden is opened to the public April 22 and 23 see link below


Narcis 'Sailboat' in front of the French doors.

They scent sweet..

From inside. We can enjoy the flowers.

Reliable.  Narcis 'Thalia.'

Also reliable. Narcissus 'Ice Wings'.

Close up Narcissus Ice Wings.

One of the best, Narcissus poeticus Recurvus.

Narcissus 'Geranium' together with orange tulips.

Narcissus 'Bell Song.'

Narcissus; they are the backbone of the spring garden.

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  1. So beautiful, I wish it was in my garden.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Pretty little harbingers of spring.
    Greetings, Karin


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