Tree peonies. It must be love.

After the sunny spring weather of the past few days, the tree peony buds appear. In my view these buds are the most beautiful in my garden. Actually, everything about the tree peony is beautiful!

Despite the name though, it is not really a tree. It is more of a large shrub, almost 2 m high.

Please keep in mind that I'm very in love with the tree peony. Where to start describing this beauty? First the salmon pink colour of the foliage, the large flower heads full of promise, or at the huge flowers with a diameter of 20 cm in the most beautiful colours?

O yes, there is certainly a downside to the tree peony. It is the short flowering period. After one or two weeks, the flowers are already gone.

Therefore if you have a small garden, it is not the best of choices to make. On the other hand, if you're in love with this plant, do reserve a spot in the sunshine for it. But be careful with late frosts. They can damage the buds.

Frostbite, after the long wait for the flowers, that would be a pity. But even then you could enjoy the beautiful foliage that looks waxed. Early in the morning with the dew drops on it and the sun shining through ........

Tree Peonies. It is a love story.

I see it all through rose-coloured spectacles!

March. Tree peony bud.

The flower bud is emerging.


April. The salmon coloured foliage. 

Mid May. A flower bud.

Beautiful in the morning dew.

A bud full of promise.

May. What can I add?

A pink and a dark red colored tree peony.

Look at the colour. Mmmm.

Tree peonies are now for sale in the garden centre.

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  1. very pretty flowers
    best regards

  2. Dear Hetty, I am in love with your tree peony, too! It is really an incredible pretty plant and the blooms, what can I say they, are out of this world! My friend had a tree peony in her garden (in the Bay Area) and it had also amazing blooms. Unfortunately, now that we have moved to the very South of California, I don't dare to buy one as they are very expensive and I have read that people have trouble to get them to bloom here, because it is too hot.
    Glad I got to enjoy your lovely blooms!
    Warm regards,

  3. Yes, a real wow plant! I would not be without. And rather not be away when it blooms!


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