An inspiring garden.

An inspiring garden.

Long time ago on a holiday in France, we visited the Renaissance vegetable garden of Villandry. The garden is located in the near Tours, in the Loire valley.

The garden is planted with box hedges in geometrical patterns. In between the box hedges, all kinds of vegetables have been planted. Every vegetable is selected on texture and colour. For example, you will find red and green lettuce, leeks and red cabbage. The topiary pear trees provide a vertical accent. I had never seen such a beautiful garden.

I was so inspired that I wanted to go home straight away and change my garden. But as we were on the road for only three days, that was not a viable option. To dispel some of my anxiety I bought me the French garden magazine “Mon Jardin & Ma Maison”. Maybe I was hoping to find a garden design. Ah, I knew so little at that time ......

Years later I know that gardening is a passion. Gardening is changing every year, improving and trying again. Gardening is reading stacks of books, visiting many gardens. But gardening is also full of surprises. Like I discovered last week.

Last Tuesday a thick envelope falls in the mailbox. After opening the envelope, I discover the April magazine of Mon Jardin & Ma Maison. On the cover: my garden!

Above the report it says: “Jardin d'inspiration”. Unbelievable this is really about my garden.

Come full circle ...... Once I was inspired by a French garden. Now, after all these years my garden is presented as an inspiration to others!

It makes me speechless.

The garden is opened to the public April 22 and 23 see link below

An old holiday picture.

The garden of Villandry is huge!

My interpretation of Villandry. Just before box blight ruined the garden. 

Two years later, after the box hedges were excavated.

My picture......

.....and the cover of mon garden & ma maison.

The magazine on the kitchen table.

Jardin d'inspiration. An inspiring garden. 

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  1. Dear Hetty, now that is exciting! Congratulation on the article about your garden in Mon Jardin & Ma Maison! Your fully deserve it as your garden is so very, very beautiful.
    I am sorry that you had to remove the boxwood hedges because the box blight distroyed them, but I have to say, personally I like the way it looks now better. It is a little less formal and more open, which I prefer.
    Too bad that I can't come to your open garden, I would be the first to wait at the garden gate to be let in :-)!
    Warm regards,

  2. Wow!
    To bad with plant dieases.... We have to cope with that.

  3. Congratulations, Hetty! That is such a great story - very inspiring, indeed. You and your garden really have come full circle. I hope to be able to visit it one day.


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