Ordering roses makes me greedy.

Every gardener will have a wish list of plants they want to buy someday. Of course I have a special notebook for this purpose too. It's always in my bag when I visit gardens.

In this notebook I wrote down the name of a pink rose years ago. It is called ‘Scepter d'Isle’. It is a David Austin rose, so a disease-resistant rose with an old fashioned feel and a lovely scent can be expected.

However, I never bought the rose. There simply were too many other wished to be fulfilled in my notebook! Until recently Jocelyne, a French blogger with a beautiful rose garden, wrote about this rose. ( read here )Her pictures of this rose were mouth watering. That made me remember my note of ‘Scepter d'Isle'. Should I finally order this rose?

Without further hesitation I ordered 4 plants of 'Scepter d'Isle’. Overconfidently I also ordered 3 plants of 'Munstead Wood' a burgundy red rose. This rose has been at the top of my wish list for some years.

Once started ordering roses, you can hardly stop. It makes me very greedy!

After the roses arrived it was a bit of a puzzle to find a suitable place in the garden. It will be a challenge for these roses to grow, because there is hardly any space for them!

But as I visualise how beautiful it will be this summer; the more, the better. So in case of buying roses, I agree with Gordon Gekko:

Greed is good! *)

*) Famous line from the movie "Wall Street", starring Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko.

Note in my notebook.

Rosa Scepter d'Isle. Image internet

The roses have arrived!

Where to put those roses?

It is awfully crowded. 


They will be beautiful together...........

..... with the roses that already grow in my garden.

Planting roses.


Rosa Munstead Wood. Image internet

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  1. such a wonderful rose. So colourful and awesome.

  2. Dear Hetty, I have 'Scepter'd Isle' growing in container and it is a beautiful, beautiful rose. You won't regret buying it! 'Munstead Wood' is on my wish list, as well, but I have way too many roses in my pot ghetto that I need to be planted first before I order any new ones.
    I hope both roses will be healthy and thrive in your garden. I can't wait to see them flowering this spring :-)!
    Warm regards,

  3. The first photo is marvellous in colors.
    Good luck for the roses, I'm sure, they are loved.
    Have a nice weekend

  4. This is dangerous!
    But - isn't this the way we get ourselves an owerwhelming garden too ;)

  5. Zit ik nu op een engels blog van jou Hetty?


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