Mirror, mirror......

An Amaryllis bulb in a pot reminds me of the good old days. As my father used to grow Amaryllis bulbs professionally, an Amaryllis was flowering in the windowsill during the winter months as long as I can remember. Of course the bulb was a first class one. What else to expect from a professional grower!

The disadvantage of these premium bulbs is the very heavy flower cluster. Over time, the stems were growing askew under the top-heavy flower clusters. The simple solution my father had to avoid this were my mother’s knitting needles.

The needles were inserted on either side of the bulb. After that, the stem was fixed with a yarn of wool to the knitting needles. And the whole went back straight again! Sometimes the flower became even too heavy for the needles, than an extra yarn of wool was fixed to the curtain rail. It must have looked hilarious.

This year I also potted up an amaryllis bulb. The bulb, I received from my bulb supplier Jan Deen (thanks Jan) was, as you can imagine, first class.

In flower, the Amaryllis is stunning, but me too encounters the negative aspects of gravity. Although it crossed my mind I did want use the old knitting needles from my mother.

My solution is as simple as effective. I have put the Amaryllis clamp against the mirror. Additional advantage; the flowers appears immediately twice as nice! And so my Amaryllis is staring at its own reflection.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

No doubt. Amaryllis ‘Nymf’!

Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

........Who is the fairest one of all?

The flower just before flowering.

And there is more to come!

Beautiful Amaryllis 'Nymph'. 

Back to the good old days. The solution of my father to stake the Amaryllis.

He used the knitting needles of my mother.

The knitting needles are still in my possesion.

The knitting needles tube of my mother.

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  1. Dear Hetty, that is one exceptional beautiful Amaryllis variety! I have seen photos of Amaryllis 'Nymph' on other blogs and it always looks completely stunning.
    How wonderful that you have the knitting needle tube and the knitting needles of your mother. So precious!
    Warm regards,

  2. He - he. The stunning flowers often needs support. I bought some stands ment for this purpose some years ago. Very useful...
    'Nymph' is the queen of Amaryllis!


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