DIY, an “alpine meadow”.

Last autumn I came across a discarded white garden table in the barn. That table would profit from a makeover. A promising experiment would be to make a table with turf on it.

I paint the table in a black colour. That makes it inconspicuously. Next I lay the turf on it. Mmm, I ponder, just grass isn’t that a bit boring? Maybe it would be a great idea to plant some bulbs too.

I have some Anemone blanda in my depot. They would look nicely on the table. I dig up some crocuses, which I have planted in the garden earlier and plant them on the table too. As I tell my husband about my experiment he suggests: "You can also add some snowdrops". My husband he is a genius. If ever he would start gardening .....

After planting all the bulbs I put the turf on top of it. (See below) Next I give it a good soak of water. The end result is a lawn one meter above sea level. With some imagination, you could call it an alpine meadow.

At this moment already some snowdrops have appeared in my alpine meadow. From the kitchen window I have a nice view on them.

Unfortunately I already had to cut the turf twice. This should be done by hand because with all the emerging bulbs I have to be cautious.

I could not have imagined that this winter, the grass of my alpine meadow would grow mountain high!

Autumn. This how it is made. I have painted the table.

Some plastic and crocks on the bottom.

A layer of drainage fabric.

Some potting soil.

Add some bulbs.

Lay the turf on top and cut to size.

Give it a good soak of water.


An alpine meadow......Just 1 meter above sea level!

Januari. Snowdrops are emerging.

I love viewing them.......

From the kitchen window.

And there is more to come....

A warm welcome to my new followers.


  1. Wonderfull serie photos,Beautifull
    greeting from MONS city Belgium
    my blog city :

  2. Nice idea, to plant on the table. :)

  3. Wow, what a good idea! I hope you will show it again when all the bulbs have come up! /Elin

  4. A very original way of making height differences in the garden :)

  5. Planting table in it's own right... =o))
    It's a great idéa, thank you for sharing.
    All the best!


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