Last week the garden had to do without me. I have spent a few days in Seville (Spain) together with my husband and my two daughters.

Seville turned out to be a fantastic city. The hotel we booked is located right in the middle of the town centre. From the balcony the cathedral is visible and also the old high tower. Under our balcony, on the many terraces, people are eaten; from early morning until late in the evening. The temperature - even in the evenings - is about 18 degrees. It must be great to spend the winter over here!

Tapas bars are located in all the surrounding narrow streets. As we pass through these alleys we easily lose our way. However, we are always able to find our hotel. We just ask:  dirección Catedral, por favor?

Seville has many old buildings with beautiful gardens from the time the Moors ruled. (700-1000 AD). The most famous is the Reales Alcázar, so a visit of that is almost mandatory. The palace is profusely decorated. The wall tiles have all kinds of special motives. On the ceiling we see carvings and ornaments of gold. The beautiful gardens are still a source of inspiration.

Although Seville counts only 41 rainy days per year, the last day of our stay it was pouring with rain! To stay dry, we visit the cathedral and the tower. We love the tower most. There is no spiral staircase, but an oblique slope! The idea behind it is that you can climb the tower by horse.

It turns out ideally; everyone can easily walk up the tower without getting stiff calves. Along the way we fantasize how you can make a nice scene for a James Bond movie here. We imagine how he could race up with a motorbike!

Now we are back home again. We enjoyed Seville very much, but most of all we enjoyed being together again for a few days!

 View from the balcony.

Foto YdR

On the many terraces people are eating all day.

Somewhere in the city, beautiful balcony.

Old tree trunk.

Foto YdR
But there are also new buildings, like Metropol Parasol. The roof of the market place. 

I love how the light shines through its construction.

Foto YdR

The old Reales Alcazar.

There is water in every space.

Let us go outside.

Beautiful flowers!

Never seen before.

Simple, beautiful.

Old tiles.......

Foto YdR

..they are everywhere.

Foto YdR
The garden.

Foto YdR
Is an inspiration .........

Foto YdR

..for many gardeners.


Foto YdR

The last day we climbed up the tower.

View from above.

Oranges are the most planted trees in this city.

Foto YdR

And they are so photogenic.

We enjoyed Seville!

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  1. So gorgeous!
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  2. Hi Y'all!

    You've definitely captured the magic of Seville. My favorite photo is the old tree trunk.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. What a nice place you have been visiting! Lovely photoes!

  4. Beautiful place and beautiful pictures! Love it!
    Have a great weekend, take care...

  5. Hetty! So glad you enjoyed your visit to Spain!

    Yes, Seville is a beautiful city, and I love the Moorish architecture. We have quite a bit in Toledo ourselves. Lovely photos!



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