For several weeks now, the weatherman has been announcing: "quiet autumn weather." Indeed, until now no storm has been blowing off all leaves at once or have the leaves spin round and round like small tornados. However, the temperature does drop and the leaves do turn yellow.

This quiet autumn weather makes the leaves whirl gently from the trees. It looks like if it's snowing. This golden-yellow "snow" piles up under the trees. I shuffle through the yellow leaves and try to get them airborne. Ever since I was a kid I loved to do so.

The men of the Parks Department however are doing overtime. With their machines they blow the leaves from the lawn on the sidewalk. Then with another enormous machine they hover up the leaves. But to avail, next day the lawn is again full of leaves. I wonder if they appreciate autumn as much as I do?

The sun is shining through the treetops. When I look up I still see yellow-golden leaves; still thousands are hanging on every tree.

Golden snowflakes ... isn't it wonderful?

I shuffle through the yellow leaves.

Yellow-golden leaves.

They are so pretty.

Golden trees.......

..... just look up!

Close up, golden leaf.

There are thousands of them on every tree.

Golden snowflakes ... isn't it wonderful?

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  1. Beautiful golden leaves. Nice shots.

  2. Dear Hetty, the photos that you took are indeed remarkable, especially the double row of yellow tree in the fourth photo from the bottom. I don't recall seeing anything like that before. It must be an extraordinary autumn for you in the Netherlands. Enjoy and shuffle through the leave as long as you can!
    Warm regards,

  3. Hi Hetty!
    Your pictures are just lovely.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Golden leaves are beautiful :)
    Just observed them shining in the sun in my garden. Think I will wait for a while before I rakes it away...


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