Between “pepernoten” and Christmas baubles.

It is the end of November and Christmas trees are everywhere. I walk along the shop windows with great pleasure.

There are so many different themes. Although the white Christmas trees are important, still the traditional Christmas colours like red, silver and gold are hot. In case you don’t like watching shop windows I have made a series of pictures of all the different Christmas trees I came about. They give me a lot of inspiration.

I finally purchased white snowy Christmas trees. However they will have to stay in the barn for a couple of weeks. Because in Holland traditionally, the Christmas tree is not allowed “in house” until after the Dutch Sinterklaas party (December 5th)

Nowadays we are building up to the Sinterklaas party. We eat ‘pepernoten’ (Pepernoten is a Dutch treat only used at Sinterklaas) and prepare the presents and the poems that go with it.

So first “pepernoten” and after that it’s time for the Christmas baubles! Only then I will reveal my Christmas trees.

Simple theme, white light and cotton.

Snowy tree.

A little odd, Delfts blue theme.

Traditionally, I like the  popcorn tinsel.


My favorite tree, exuberantly decorated in one colour.


What about this tree. Is it too much?

Lovely Christmas bauble.

This one is for the cup cake bakers among us. 

Gold and red theme, with a twist.

Cute bird.

Gold always right.

I would not buy this mouse, but for children....

Think about that, whilst decorating your tree.

You have to wait until I reveal my Christmas tree.

First the Sinterklaas presents and we have to eat some 'pepernoten'

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  1. I can't wait to see your trees! Your party is going to be a ball. What a wonderful tradition. We broke tradition and put up on tree on Thanksgiving night! It was fantastic!

  2. Traditions are so wonderful. I'd love to come to your party!!! Wishing you well!!

  3. Lovely festive photos!
    Thank you for linking up at

  4. The little mouse is way too cute! Happy Holidays!

  5. Dear Hetty, I really love your Christmas tree post. Me being me of course I loved the white one the most, but the one with the Delft Blue ornaments is also very appealing to me, simply because it is so original.
    I am not sure if we will have a Christmas this year yet, but your post definitively makes it a tempting thought.
    Warm regards,

  6. Hello Hetty:)
    Lovely christmas feeling:)
    Great decoration:)

  7. I love Christmas time and decorating :) Can it be too much?
    Our family tradition does not allow decorating the tree until Dec. 23. We call it "Little Christmas Eve". I prefer silver glitter and lots of baubles and other stuff in red, blue, green, gold...


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