Sun? Sunflowers!

In the province of Zeeland, some of the borders of agricultural land have been sown with a wildflower mixture. The birds and insects take advantage of these wildflower margins. They find shelter and a lot of food like nectar and seeds.

Not only the animals, but me too benefit from these wildflowers. For a small fee you can buy a “bloemenplukbon” (flower pick voucher). With this voucher you may pick flowers from the wildflower-margin all year round.

This week the sun is shining exuberantly and I decided to pick me a large bunch of flowers. It is quiet in the field-margin and I enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Despite it being October the sunflowers are still pretty good and also the Cosmos look beautiful. Walking along the wildflower strip, I see goldfinches and titmice fly up. They feast on the sunflower seeds.

With an armful of flowers I arrive back home. There a surprise awaits me. On the table is a garden magazine. It is from my girlfriend, who must have visited me while I was away. There is also a note:

"Enjoy reading. I'm on the hunt for sunflowers with Janneke. Love Sunny Sue. "

With this beautiful weather I'm apparently not the only one out for sunflowers!

It is quiet in the field-margin...

...sunflowers and the tower of our village.

This is one of my favorites. 

Birds benefit of the seeds.

It is colourful in my car!

I arrange the sunflowers in my mothers "van Gogh vase".



Makes you...


Sunflowers in my kitchen.

Note from my girl friend.

The cosmos and other beauties.

Bombe-bee feast on the flowers.


  1. Sunflowers are my little boy's favorite flower. He loves them. I really like them too and I'm hoping to find a place from them in my garden.

  2. Dear Hetty, what a lovely sunflower bouquet you picked! I am in the mood for sunflowers, too, but unfortunately I have to go the supermarket to buy them... I think it is such a cool, environmentally friendly thing that the margins of the agricultural field are being sown with wildflowers in your country. And it gets even better with the idea of selling vouchers to people and allow them to pick the wildflowers. These are so advanced sustainable ideas, simply great!
    Enjoy your bouquet! Wishing you a great week!

  3. No vouchers here, and no wildflowers, either. After such a hard summer, our fields are still barren. Enjoy your flowers!


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