Visiting a castle.

This summer, the owners of Slot Baarland visited our garden. They informed us, their castle garden would be opened during “Open monuments day”. Visiting a castle, that is an opportunity, you don’t want to miss! So my daughter immediately makes an entry in her calendar.

That is why we drove to Baarland last Saturday. It is about half an hour drive from where we live. We arrive early and it is not (yet) busy. My daughter has not seen the castle before and is enchanted immediately. I have been here before, but I am enchanted too.

First we walk along the moat. At the waterside, there are wide borders planted with large groups of perennials.

Crossing the drawbridge we enter the courtyard garden. This garden is close to the house. Yew has been pruned in classic shape. In addition, large rose bushes combined with perennials. Everything looks very tidy. It is a real picture.

We are noticed by the owners and we are invited for a coffee on the deck beside the house. Of course we accept! We have a nice chat about old houses, antiques and also about gardening.

Then it is time to go again. We say goodbye and whilst driving home, we try to imagine what it would be like to live there.

You see, the castle is for sale ......

The gate.

We walk around the moat.

My daughter and I are enchanted.

Large borders with perennials.

We see some lions....

We are crossing the drawbridge.

We see some nice details.

A bell with the name of the castle on it.

The courtyard garden.

It is very picturesque. 

Old-fashioned roses, 'Blush Noisette'.

We are dreaming.... Slot Baarland for sale.


  1. Gosh, Hetty the castle and gardens are so beautiful! For me it is hard to imagine that a property like this can be still in private hands. It must cost a fortune to maintain it and keep it looking as lovely as it is. Hope they find a buyer, who is able and willing to preserve this beauty for the future.
    This post was a real treat for me this morning. Thank you so much!

  2. Beautiful gardens and did you go inside?...for sale... a few million? Has been so long ago we lived in Holland I don't remember where this is?


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