It's those little things...

The Hydrangeas in my garden always flower in pink. That's because of the clay soil we have here in Zeeland. My mother in law however, has another type of soil in her garden, so her Hydrangea flowers in blue. Secretly I envy her for those blue Hydrangeas.

Nowadays my mother in law finds her hydrangea has become too big. So it has to go. Every now and again a garden women just wants to have something else, don’t you agree? So together we went to the garden centre and bought her a nice white panicle hydrangea.

First the big blue hydrangea has to go, so we try to dig it out. Oops, the hydrangea seems to be deadlocked. We use all kind of tools - a shovel, a digging fork, a spade, pruning shears and even two loppers - but the hydrangea simply does not give way. At last the axe comes out of the shed and the hydrangea surrenders. No shrub can withstand so much "girl power"!

Of course I have taken some of the blue hydrangea flowers from the shrub to bring home. They are so colourful, it would be a shame to simply throw them away. Back home I contrive about what to do with the blue hydrangea flowers. I walk through my own garden. At once my eyes fall on the berries of the wild grape (Ampelopsis). The extraordinary colours of these berries will match the hydrangea perfectly!

I take a black bowl and fill it with a little water. Then I place the flowers and the berries on it. I think it’s the perfect combination, don’t you agree?

Those little things…. I can enjoy them tremendously!

Simple flower arrangement.

Unusual colours.

I love these berries.

Hydrangea and Ampelopsis together....

.... in a bowl.

What more can wish for?

Turquoise berries, they look unreal.

Ampelopsis at the pergola.

Pink is also beautiful

Enjoy those little things!

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  1. Dear Hetty, your hydrangea arrangement looks absolutely stunning! I prefer blue hydrangeas over the pink ones as well, but in my garden the soil is alkaline, so I get pink hydrangea blooms. But when I treat the soil with soil sulfur I get dark lavender blue blooms on one bush and light blue flowers on another. Could this treatment also change the colors of the hydrangeas in your soil?
    I absolutely love the berries of Ampelopsis. I have never seen berries like this, as you said they look almost unreal. What a gem in the plant world!
    Wishing you a great new week!
    Warm regards,

  2. Stunning arrangement, Hetty. Although it is too late now, that old hydrangea would have been a good test to propagate new hydrangeas. I see the technique on pinterest all the time. Those berries are really pretty.

  3. I love hydrangea, and yours are beautyful:)

  4. It hurts to hear about the blue Hydrangena massacre...
    But the Ampelopsis sure is amazing!

  5. Dear Hetty!
    Lovely photos of your "simple" arrangements!
    I have no luck with hydrangeas, but I found them very beautiful!
    Happy weekend!
    Best wishes,

  6. Hetty, the colors are just perfect together. So perfect that the wild grape looks unreal. Bravo!


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