DIY. Scarecrow.

Am I allowed to complaint? It's about the birds in my garden. They eat all the (my) fruit.

In June, they started eating the currants. Well those currants are rather sour, so I did not mind. Then they went on eating the strawberries, the plums and the grapes. And now they have started eating the apples. What to do?

I see the solution incidentally passing an orchard. They have put simple scarecrows amongst the fruit trees. I'm inspired. A scarecrow is the solution I am after!

Back home I start right away making my own scarecrow. Going by the motto “what do I have in the barn and can it be finished today” I grab two battens and screw them together as a cross. As one of my neighbours is selling ornamental gourds at the roadside, I buy me a large ornamental pumpkin, to serve as a “head”.

I cut a rectangular hole in the pumpkin and place the "head" on the batten. A few remnants of raffia can serve as hair. A hat is pinned on the pumpkin using two large nails.

Next the scarecrow can be “dressed”. Which kind of scarecrow would I prefer? Sporting? With a white running shirt it looks very flashy.

But there is more used clothing in stock. A gentleman scarecrow with a business suit? An old shirt and a grey striped jacket which calls for a different hat too, does the trick. Voila! A business scarecrow.

I'm getting more and more exited about my project.

However a casual look is more fitting in the garden I reckon. After all he will be there in wind and weather. So I give it an old raincoat and tie a nice scarf around his neck. That will keep it warm during chilly nights.

From my kitchen window, my scarecrow looks nice however not looking very fierce.

Probably the birds will mock me and still eat my apples!

Screw the two .. together like a cross.

Make a hole in the pumpkin.

Do you like this sporty type?

With the natural look.

Or do you like the business scarecrow, with a Stetson hat? 

I choose the casual look.

It does not look scary.

Scarecrow and Dahlia's.

The dahlia's flower abundantly.....

........also the grasses.....

......and the Surfinia's.

I have to agree, it does not look very scary....

Oh my apples!


  1. That is the cutest scarecrow! I love that you used a squash for its head. Very clever!

  2. Business scarecrow - haha! Do they really eat your apples, too? Shame on them! "Our" birds mostly eat the cherries, all of them of course.

  3. What a cute scarecrow! I love all the little touches like the hat and flower. Your garden is lovely, too. Dahlias are a favorite of mine.


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